Working Together

Our backyard project continues to develop very nicely.

While my Pete did stuff with drills and clamps and hammers and a variety of other tools…


I roamed around the backyard and took photographs of butterflies resting on our trees.


It’s a partnership that works for us!


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12 responses to “Working Together

  1. M

    That’s my kind of partnership!

  2. Curious and curiouser …

  3. That looks like a new deck? I need one of those – please come over when you have finished and bring Pete. That looks like a good solid job he’s making.
    Happy Easter!

  4. That looks like a fun way of working together!

  5. Whatever Pete’s making, he’s doing a fine job, so far. And your photography is great.

    I think Jack likes it better when I let him do his creating and building without my help..haha.

  6. Sign me up! I’ll be the tea drinker.

  7. Petey, meet Ron. You both have wives who wander off while you are working!

  8. sprucehillfarm

    It sounds like a good deal to me!

  9. Brilliant partnership!

  10. well, well, well…I turned my PC on this morning to look for a plan to build a vegetable garden, and look what I found!

    How handy is that man of yours?? (You couldn’t send Pete down south for a week, could you?)

  11. h&b

    Same relationship I have with AB – isn’t it brill ? 🙂

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