Easter Cushions

I have been creating. My obsession with buying charm squares has left me with a few left over bits and pieces and it was time to put them to good use.


These two little Easter cushions took all of an hour to make last night.


Tiny scraps of fabric is all they need.


Best of all…


their calorie count is zero.

If you want to make one too your free pattern is here. Just try to avoid chocolate as you sew in order to fully benefit from the lack of calories!


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27 responses to “Easter Cushions

  1. twolimeleaves

    Lovely 🙂

  2. Oh my, they are so cute!

  3. They may have taken you just a hour… Me? Probably several days and they would still be a UFO.

    They are very pretty.

  4. But the sewing goes so much better with chocolate! Come to think of it, everything does. Very cute cushions….clever you!

  5. Oh my. I *heart* them!! Just beautiful.

  6. oh they are adorable, and what a great idea!

  7. Cooee Tracey! I’m connected at last and looking forward to ruising through all your posts of the last few weeks.
    Gorgeous Easter cushions. I agree with whoever just said that the sewing goes better with chocolate, though!
    Thanks for your comment about my good old dog, Nipper.

  8. That’ll be me c-ruising, of course.

  9. I love them, I want one, I sew not.

  10. You should stuff them full of little Easter Eggs, and give them to your children or friends. Or loyal blog-readers. Who wouldn’t love an Easter present like that? They are beautiful.

  11. M

    Oh cripes, they are gorgeous. Would’ve taken me three weeks. Did you say that you are going to have a giveaway and only open it to loyal Sydney readers who live on the north shore?

  12. I can’t believe you just ‘whip these up in no time’! How very fortunate you are to be so crafty! I love Rhubarb’s comment, too!

  13. Oh what Stomper Girl said! Those are divine! Just when I think you MUST have tapped out the creative well, you come up with something new! Lovely.

  14. Sweet cushions! I’m busy too with my Easter wallhanging (which has taken me more than 1 hour ~ wow, you zip along!) and am hoping to get it done before Easter!!

  15. great use of scraps and very cute

  16. So very cute! Thanks for the pattern!

  17. A good home for scraps! Lovely!

  18. These are super cute! And I need the calorie free thing after the last few days! Yeesh. Chocolate overload! (Im Meredith, Kirsty’s sister- twolimeleaves)

  19. These are beautiful!!! Amazing! I truly think you’re super woman!

  20. Wow! What a fun idea, they re so bright and crisp, perfect for spring!

    Visiting from the Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap!

  21. Penny

    I made these for Easter and still have them on my hutch because they are so cute! Your directions were so easy to understand that a newbie like me could actually make them! Thank you for sharing!

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