Tonight I went to parent-teacher interviews. One question that is always raised is – “Has Philip thought about what he might like to do after school?”

I don’t really like this question. Pip has the intelligence to be whatever he chooses in this life. He is very interested in all things scientific and technological. He could follow a path that leads him into this field.

He also has creative and artisitic talents. I have known this since he was very young. Every where he went he drew little pictures that told stories.

 Every picture that he ever drew had a horizon line. Under the ground there was always a whole other world.  Some times his drawings showed trees with roots, worms and fossils under the ground.


This one shows pirates at the beach. He did it when he was about four. The pirates are all wearing hats – it gets quite hot at the beach. Under the ground you can see a crab living in a hole and some buried treasure. The pirate on the left is digging a hole with a shovel to get the 300091 gold coins from the treasure chest. He brought it to me one day and told me the long story that went with it. I have kept it in a drawer ever since.

Pip continues to study art – both at school and at private, after school lessons.


He enjoys drawing and sketching the most.


Whatever he chooses to do in the future, I hope he continues to find an avenue for his creativity. He has quite a talent for it.


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15 responses to “Artist

  1. I love the pirate drawing…it shows so much thought! Wow, his hair is growing back so quickly! I’m so happy you believe he can do anything he desires…not one of those parents who discourages their children by telling them they “can’t do” something…good for you! I agree that Pip has artistic talent and will enjoy seeing any of his creations you wish to post!

  2. Oh yes, cause the sport thing might not work out, what with his tendency to break/injure himself. Which I understand can be blamed on a gene pool lacking in coordination.

    Love that pirate story. My J.T. creates elaborate worlds to go along with his illustrations and his teacher actually suggested we take away such as a “consequence” for inattention at school, which I quickly and firmly rejected. One cannot encourage desired behavior by crushing their talents and enjoyments, I think.

    You are so right, Pip is smart and creative and should take his time choosing what he wants to do, maybe even trying on different hats before deciding. He is quite young to need to have the rest of his life defined already.

  3. The pirate drawing is wonderful. I’m sure Pip will be a success in whatever he chooses.

  4. Hi Tracy. Your boy is an amazing artist! Talent indeed! xx

  5. I am sure Pip can make his own decisions on where he wants to go.
    Keep up with the great art!

  6. Has Philip thought about computer animation? It would safety both his technological interests as well as his drawing talents…

  7. DId I just type “safety both his…” instead of “satisfy”??

    It’s been a long day…

  8. I just can’t get over hair-less Pip!

  9. I love that he looks and thinks below the surface. I’m quite blown away by that, in fact.

  10. The expression in the eyes and on the face of the person he is drawing is quite something.

    That boy had great clarity of thought I felt when I met him. A quiet self assurance.

    So I will be watching with interest what he might choose.

  11. M

    I love that he sees above and below the line. Cross sections of the world. Most excellent.

  12. He is lucky to have parents that value his creativity! I love the underground world … very cool! Joshua just likes to add penis’ to his drawings … not so sure that that is so creative.

  13. h&b

    I never liked that question either. Most adults I know still don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

    But, you know, sketching and science can go hand in hand.
    I actually have a soft spot for scientific drawing ( and what about those medical sketches – wow ! ), and then there’s always the work of Francis Bacon et al ?

    LOVE the pirates. So glad you kept it 🙂

  14. I wish I had even half of his skill and talent.

    He’s blessed to have parents who have no particular agenda for him, other than his being the best “him” he can be.

  15. I wish Pip and Youngest could meet – I think they’d be a good pair.

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