I am a Red Button

I am indeed a red button. I know this because in my side bar there is a button to prove it.

How did I come to be a red button? Really it is a delightful consequence of being a blogger. Through my blog I met Kirsty, I already knew Flo and Sharon through quilting, then we all met Tanya through her blog. Each of us enjoying quilting and crafting, each of us enjoying photographing our work and blogging about it. BEST of all each of us live in Townsville.

After knowing each other for a little while we decided we should meet and stitch and chat and eat – once each week. Kirsty had the perfect spot for us to meet, so we began spending each Monday night together. We have been doing this now for quite some time. During that time we have grown a baby (she’s really Sharon’s, but she does share) and now we are planning a wedding dress. We have let children go and welcomed them home. We have been on overseas visits and started studying at university. We have been supported in grief and laughed until we fell from our chairs. All the rhythms of life move through our little group.

For some time we have been saying that we needed a name. Suggestions were made, but no decision was ever reached. With the beginning of this year Kirsty found a new energy. She painted and decorated our space (now referred to as ‘the club house’) and decided we needed a blog. A name had to be found in order to keep a blog of our weekly exploits. So we became the red buttons. Why red buttons? It sounds good and a google search did not reveal any other blogs of that name.

The great joy of meeting in a craft group once each week is that it gives you a motivation. I want to have things finished to show my group and I want to see what they have done. You’d be amazed at the talent that sits around our table each week. Some of us have even been published in crafty magazines. Now you can see what happens each week. It will be as though you have pulled up a chair at our table. Click the red button below to come and visit.


PS I’m now tweeting too. If you’re on twitter then look me up under the name peppermintpatch.


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8 responses to “I am a Red Button

  1. We don’t have a name but I also attend a similar group but our thing is painting. We have been together for 12 years now. http://trashaloucan.blogspot.com/2008/08/why-i-love-wednesdays.html

  2. How delightful. And how lucky you ladies all are to have each other to share interests, stories, lives….

  3. Love everything about it. The name, the girls, the fun, the crafting/quilting and the clubhouse, both real and virtual.

  4. Red Buttons is a very cool name – I think you should collect red buttons from around the world – I’ll send you some!

  5. I’d love to send you a red button but will have to hold out until my Advent calendars are done!

    Incidentally, I’ve given you a hint on my blog for a future wall hanging design….

  6. M

    Such a great name. A great badge. I envy your group (in a nice, friendly way). I’m off to visit.

  7. Hmm, I wish I could join your group. But I think I might be a teeny bit too much of a beginner for you; added to which I live on the other side of the world. But how lovely to hear about it.

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