They wanted to raise over ONE MILLION DOLLARS…


to support research into leukaemia.

He shaved his head in support…


rediscovering an old scar and gaining some street cred.

You helped him to raise over $600!



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24 responses to “Hairless

  1. M

    Already!! I thought it was ages away. I wasn’t prepared. Are you still accepting donations?

    So, Pip, do you feel a bit breezy? A bit light-headed? No more knots to brush out for ages!

  2. grandma

    Have you noticed how white he is? The only tan mark on him was across his head from the part. (you can see it in the middle photo) Is it alright to say, well done, we are so proud of you, but can you grow it back quickly? or wear a hat? It really does take some getting used to.

    Pip, however, I think is quite enjoying it. He told me that he now understands why cats and dogs like to be rubbed. All his friends spent the day rubbing the top of his head. But he doesn’t have to look at where all that hair was, unless he passes a mirror!

  3. Well done Pip… you’ve done a great thing. And it looks okay!

  4. He did all that and you DREW ON HIS HEAD?!?!?! Sheesh. Well done baldy.

  5. WHat an amazing donation he earned! Congrats!

  6. I would never have noticed his “tan line” had Grandma not pointed it out. Interesting look. I’m with Grandma though, I miss all that gorgeous hair. It was worth it, for such a great cause, though.

  7. I’ve been waiting for this post. Pip looks great! Well done to all those involved and raising a good wad of donations.

  8. Congratulations – what a worthwhile cause! You have done a wonderful thing, Pip.

  9. twolimeleaves

    That tan line is hilarious!! Good job, P.

  10. Well done Pip! Is it too late to still contribute?

    My mother-in-law did this a couple of years ago, and I was completely in awe of the courage. All for a good cause though.

    Pip looks cute as a semi-baldy.

  11. Ah!

    You can still see the line where he used to part his hair!

    I had that for weeks.

    It must be strange for him, and for you.

    Well, good job. Like I said, he’s braver than I.

  12. LOL. Great pose in the first shot.

    Congrats on the fund-raising efforts!

  13. And just like that it’s gone!!! Well done with the fund raising!

  14. Well done, Pip!!

    I’m back from Little Rock and catching up on all the posts I missed while I was gone. Glad Pip is playing soccer again. And, he looks adorable without hair! Are you going to post pictures as it grows out…haha.

  15. sprucehillfarm

    Awesome Pip! you look very handsome with your new bald doo!

    I love that first picture! 🙂

  16. He is gorgeous, inside and out. If he were mine I would be bursting with pride. Well done 🙂

  17. candiedfabrics

    I as well think you’ve done a wonderful job of son raising! Kudos to you and pip!

  18. And still gorgeous.

    Here’s hoping the blue marker isn’t permanent!

  19. h&b

    what a boy, what a man.

    Congratulations Pip!

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