Tea Party…

Life has been busy. We are all suffering time loss due to the start of the soccer season, the guitar lessons, the art lessons, the netball games, and every other activity that has me driving hither and thither.

I have been a poor blogger, but I have been a busy stitcher.

Miss Abby has  Tea Party.


A new pattern is coming to my website soon.


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8 responses to “Tea Party…

  1. Oooo I do love this one! Well done on the tea party, looks terrific.

    Sometimes blogging has to take a back seat. I have been a bad blogger too of late.

  2. M

    I do love a tea party.

  3. I hear watchya saying … there was certainly an ominous lull before the activities hit with bang! Cool quilt!

  4. Woo Hoo! A tea party!

  5. Well isn’t that little Miss Abby cute! All dolled up for her tea party… Perfect. I know I’m biased. BUT I love not only this one, but ALL of them. They are so very clever and unique.

  6. Totally gorgeous! The quilt, and that cheeky faced little Abby.

  7. Don’t talk to me about being a bad blogger…!!

    Miss Abby’s Tea Party is gorgeous…I love the detail on the cupcakes!

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