The Hair of the Matter

Pip has been growing his hair for more than 18 months.


It is curling right down his back.


He generally wears it in a ponytail, otherwise it is wild and woolly.


It is the perfect length for rocking out…


to guitar hero.



He will only have these gorgeous locks for just eight more days.

Quite some time ago he decided that this year he would support the Leukaemia foundation’s Shave for a Cure.

Each year, during the morning tea break, his school student council members shave the heads of willing volunteers in the main assembly area of the school in front of a huge crowd. Each of those willing volunteers collects sponsorship during the weeks before and donates the money to the leukaemia foundation to support research and, hopefully, the development of a cure for this cancer which affects so many.

He is very excited about doing it. He has been talking about it for so long.

He is such a good man.

(If you would like to sponsor him, let me know and I will arrange it.)


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16 responses to “The Hair of the Matter

  1. What a good *man*! Any chance he will be able to accept PayPal donations from the US?

  2. He is a good man, your Pip. Let me know about the pay pal as well. We would like to make a small contribution. That is a cool project for the boys to take on. It speaks well of all of them. I will miss the hair though. It is so rock star.

  3. good on him. The Leukemia Foundation are stars, seriously – when my brother had a BMT in 2002, they provided so much help, without which we can’t imagine how much shittier the time would have been (it was plenty shitty enough, thanks! lol). At least one of us does the SFAC every year now.

  4. My husband does the shave for a cure each year. He starts growing it – and all facial hair – around 4 months prior. He looks like a crim when it all comes off!

    I am so proud of your Pip, he is a good man. And what is it about kids hair – it’s so healthy and shiny and yummy!

  5. He’s a very good man and I’d be happy to sponsor! Joe had his (very hairy) legs waxed at school for a similar cause!

  6. Gosh, he’s brave! Let me know if you can sort out a paypal thing, would be happy to sponsor him.

  7. I’m in! Pip is so delightful and I’m sure his hair will grow back in no time! Good for him! Paypal?

  8. Hurrah Pip! What a great cause for a haircut!

  9. I am very fond of long-haired boys. Can I do a direct deposit?

  10. This post just makes my heart sing! Hope you post a picture of the buzz.

    Bald is beautiful!

  11. What an inspirational young man! My pilates instructor had her head shaved last year and collected a good lot of donations – as those who do this should. I could do either a direct deposit or paypal – let me know.

  12. He’s a braver man than I! I did shave my head two years ago, but I was in a deeply unsetled emotional state at the time and likely wouldn’t have done it had I been thinking clearly.

    That’s a very selfless action.

    Is he nervous at all?

    I once heard of a young man who grew his hair out for Locks of Love and then enjoyed having it so much that he just never cut it. It made me laugh.

  13. What a great kid! If you accept Pay Pal I would love to donate. Let me know. I’ll be whatching out for the shorn head pictures :O) Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  14. Oh my it could be your Pete … with a whole lot more hair 😉 ….

  15. I have a new little monster alter ego!

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