Milk or Sugar?

Would you care for a cup of tea?


I am making new Imagine That… quilts and making changes to the way I have set up my blogs and website. See just over there on the side bar. I made a button – I used html and everything! Well, really I copied and pasted some html that my amazing computer guy wrote and modified it, but it did the job and I still feel as clever as clever. My button is the one that links to the patterns page of my website. I am in the process of making some more. I am going to link to EVERYTHING! Just because I can…


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13 responses to “Milk or Sugar?

  1. Well. I tried to write a funny comment inside some html tags for ultimate smart-arsery but this means they become invisible. Now you know.

  2. I like it when Stomper has nothing to say.

    I like your tea too.

  3. milk no sugar please :o)

    Cutting and pasting is quite a skill too, in my opinion!

  4. White and one please….

    Impressive Tracey – you are going ahead leaps and bounds…

  5. Just milk thanks – skim if you’ve got it….. you’re very clever!

  6. M

    HTML? You clever. In so many ways.

  7. dancingwithfrogs

    Just got back from the big crafty blogmeet in Melbourne. Just like when you were here but with another big table. We raised a glass to you…

  8. Love your html mad skills. Love that tea, sugar please. Love Pip’s hair too. Why won’t mine do that??

  9. Just back from Vegas and ‘catching up’…nice post. Love the new look of your blog. Great Flickr photos of Pip on your sidebar.

  10. Just milk thanks.

    I looooove anything cuppa related, anytime is tea time – I just switch to decaf after about 3pm.

    I will look forward to the reveal.

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