Just Charming

I have become a little obsessed with charms squares.

I think I love them as a collector rather than as a quilter. Five inch squares of every fabric in a collection. Forty different fabrics in a sample size all connected by colour and design.


Even though I love them just for their own sake I really should do something with them. 

Luckily they look beautiful stitched into a quilt top, just waiting to be quilted with swirly feathers.



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11 responses to “Just Charming

  1. Just charming alright.

  2. Now that is a very pretty idea..

  3. ooh i love charm packs too. I think your idea to put them as a quilt border is the best! xx

  4. I could see the attraction in this – like having your own little fabric swatch book! Just for looking and touching – not for using!

  5. You are so right…they do look beautiful! You are just too crafty.

  6. sprucehillfarm

    I Love the fabrics!

  7. That looks even nicer than just the swatch! Clever you.

  8. How nice it it to see your fabrics and plans for quilt delights here!!!

  9. M

    You know, I’m a little hopeless at putting colour together. I try it but it just looks naff. You, on the other hand, get it right. How do you do that?

  10. Charming indeed. You make it look so EASY.

  11. I’m all for collecting, especially when the collection is courtesy of someone else’s wallet and resides in someone else’s house! I collect too but then feel guilty about collecting. It is a vicious circle!

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