Little Birdies


I have been drawing little birdies on pages printed from a sudoku website. My Pete says they look like love chickens – whatever they may be, but I really like them. These are the sort of birds that would never swoop at you when you are walking and they would never squawk loudly at four in the morning. I think they need to live on a quilt very soon.


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8 responses to “Little Birdies

  1. They HAVE to live on a quilt – that is very cute!

  2. These are great, and very much in your style.

  3. “Love Chickens”. I like that. And them.

  4. They would be adorable on a quilt, or any other item…they are just too cute! And, no droppings on your head from them..haha.

  5. I love the love chickens. That has to be the name of a pattern!

  6. I agree with Melinda. You could have heart shaped eggs and stuff too!

  7. I don’t think you need to sew them on anything…they are adorable, as is!! I could definitely find a place for them, although the clothesline is a pretty cute home in itself. Have a great trip and enjoy!

  8. They look like such happy little birdies.

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