Melody has tagged me to reveal the sixth photo in the sixth folder on my computer.

My sixth folder comes from 2004. When I hear that number it seems like it was very recent, not too long ago at all.  However, when I see the photo I realise how much time has passed since it was taken.

Here is the photo:


It was taken in the middle of our backyard at the height of winter – hence Declan’s jumper. Ashleigh is 14 years old, Declan is four and Chelsea is three. Ashleigh is painting their faces, just for fun. There must be someone, probably my Pete, with a tennis ball off to the left hand side because Thomas is looking very alert in the background.

Ashy is the most amazing cousin. She is so good to the little ones and they adore her. Later in the day she indulgently allowed this to happen:


What do the painting skills of a three year old get you? Nothing pretty!


Later in the day Ashleigh made a cake. The little ones all love it when Ashy bakes. In fact, they all expect to find some home baked goodness every time they visit. On that day Chelsea and Declan had a treat even better than home baking…


I don’t believe there is anything better than sitting on the front step with one of the beaters to lick. You don’t have to be a kid to think that is great!

Thanks, Melody. This was fun. If I had been blogging in 2004 I probably would have used these photos to write a post. I need to tag others now, so if you are reading this and have not completed this meme, then it is yours. Please let me know in the comments if you plan to do it too, so I can come to visit and see your photo.


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11 responses to “Sixth…

  1. So much fun to see your photos! I played along and posted my photo though I had to cheat a bit…

  2. grandma

    Those photos do my heart good. Ashleigh makes us all feel good. And, she is the best cousin ever, even though when they were little the younger ones thought Pip was the bees knees. There is something about a cousin who makes you laugh that elevates him above all others. Chels still looks at Ashleigh with that look of adoration you can see in photos and Ashleigh is still the most amazing cousin.

  3. Cute pictures…can you believe it’s been five years??

    I’ll pass on the meme, ’cause I already did it once; but, I’ll go check out anyone’s here.

  4. Fun flash-back in time!! Good sport, Ashleigh!

  5. Such lovely memories in those photos!

  6. I can quite see that Ashy is a wonderful cousin, but that’s the middle of winter? Winter? Like, the cold part????

    We seldom have bare shoulders/shorts weather in the middle of summer!!

    Goodness me.

  7. Time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it. Parents of the cherubs I teach were born mid 80’s. I find this incredible.

  8. How come 2004 seems much more recent to me than 4 whole years ago? Ashleigh’s face paint looks very avant garde. The Parisians would have loved that look had she worn it there.

    Licking the bowl/beaters is bliss. Even if you are a good deal older than those little sweeties.

  9. Gorgeous pics!

    You are right about the beaters. They hold fascination at all ages. MDH still hovers around to get them before they hit the kitchen sink when I use mine!

  10. Lovely pics. And v. pretty daughter you have there! x

  11. These are beautiful, moments of sunshine captured out of time.

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