The List

Pip: We have no cordial. Can we go and get some?

Me (because we live about three minutes’ walk from a supermarket): You can walk to the shop to get some if you would like to.

Pip: OK. I will.

Me (whipping out a pen and paper): Oh good. Can you pick up a few things for dinnner too?


After an explanation about what chicken tenderloins are, I sent him on his way.

Fifteen minutes later he returned with this:


He impulsively decided to purchase a chocolate-y breakfast treat. It took him a little while to locate the chicken tenderloin, but he eventually decided to go to the deli counter and wait to be served. Next time our pre-shopping discussion will include the way to select a ripe avocado.

Pretty good effort! My Pete and I are building a beautiful man. I love having grown up children and watching each little step towards adulthood. Plus, if I train him really well, I may never have to shop again…


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21 responses to “The List

  1. M

    Good luck with training Pip to choose a ripe avocado. My 40-somthing husband is still hit or miss on the ripe avocado.

    I can’t wait until my kids can go do the shopping for me. I think a chocolatey cereal is well worth the extra time you got.

  2. grandad

    Yeah, someone has to take over from Ashleigh

  3. It is so good that Will is now old enough to ride to the shops and do a light shop for us.

    So, so good.

  4. How funny… my boys always seem to accidently buy something chocolately when trusted to shop. We had almost an identical supper to yours this week (even the same brand of tortilla and spice) and I still stuggle to find the perfect avocado!

  5. I love getting other people to do the shopping. Well done Pip for getting the basics right, no-one could be cross about some extra chocolatey cereal in that case.

  6. Isn’t this the same kid you were trying to give away a few weeks ago? LOL!

  7. Tell Pip he rocks! Even taking the list with him seems to be a big step. You didn’t have anything ’embarrassing’ on the list…that will be the real test!

  8. Rob is almost 36 and he still struggles in the fruit/veggie section. Degrees of ripeness frustrate him.

    You are training an excellent young man. Not only are you a good trainer, you’ve got good material to work with, too!

  9. Hurrah Pip! Perhaps he saved money by buying deli meat and used the extra to purchase the cereal? What a frugal purchaser too!

  10. Hey, you write like my sister. You could be handwriting twins!

  11. sprucehillfarm

    Hey That’s pretty good. My teenager would have come back with a lot more junk 🙂

  12. Well Done Pip!!
    I hope in the future his future partner takes you aside and says “Thank You so much”!

  13. twolimeleaves

    If he needs more practice…

  14. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    He did better than his father would have…

  15. Hey… for goodness sake…. don’t blink again!!

  16. I’d say he did quite well for a teenage boy! He actually did better than what I would have. I usually bring back twice the amount of stuff that is on my list.

  17. Nice one! Now you need to get him to cook it up. Don’t know how good they are at shopping but both my brothers are the cooks in their families. And my husband LOVES going to the supermarket which works just fine for me.

  18. Skinny non-fools can afford to eat chocolatey treats.

    Hope Ashleigh has a wonderful time at uni. I’m sure she will.

  19. I’m impressed he actually got everything on the list as well as a chocolatey breakfast treat.

    But green cordial? Oh yuk! I hate that stuff (gets put in with the “I hate the colour green” category).

  20. I’m quite enjoying No2 going out shopping for me – he thinks he’s hanging out with his mates, then just happening to come home with milk and fruit! Tee hee!!

  21. I can’t wait for this day to arrive! I remember cycling to the corner shop when I was 7 to buy cigarettes for my Mum. Sounds dreadful doesn’t it?!

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