Have Stationery, Will Study

New folders have been purchased…


and colour co-ordinated with the post-it notes.


Diaries, organisers, pens and highlighters, all brand new and ready to be used.

Tomorrow Ashleigh starts university.

We are all very excited for her. It means a new beginning, an end to waiting.


Oh… and she has organised her toga, for the orientation week toga party.

A girl has to have priorities.


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27 responses to “Have Stationery, Will Study

  1. Gorgeous toga – nearly as yummy as the stationery – good luck!

  2. Oh, I love new stationery!

  3. PS. Good luck at Uni Ashleigh!

  4. Excellent colors of stationery, excellent toga, and beautiful girl!

  5. As we shiver through another cold winter stint, I just am stuck on the idea of starting a new term tomorrow.

    Great toga, Ashleigh! You look stunning already and you are just trying it on! Enjoy this next chapter of your life!

  6. So excited for you Ashleigh! It is a wonderful time of life. Meeting new people, learning new things…. good luck!

  7. Oh, my, Ashleigh is beautiful! Her toga will be a big hit, I’m sure. I loved my years at University…hope she enjoys hers!

  8. GOOD LUCK to Ashleigh!!! xx

  9. good grief, does she realise how stunning she is? Purty stationery too, how excitement.

  10. Good luck Ashleigh! Work hard, play hard and make the most of this very special time in your life.

  11. Exciting times! How does she feel, now that she has some distance from it, about hewr time in Paris? And was it long enough to make her fluent in French. Wishing the best for her!

  12. Ooooh, ah. She’ll have the nicest improvised toga there. Much nicer than the ones in Animal House.

  13. Good luck Ashleigh – have a wonderful time at university. You look lovely in the toga!

  14. grandma

    Beautiful girl, so sensible, so strong and will have the queen of togas.

  15. kirsty

    *drool* stationery *drool*

  16. Good luck at unit Ash…

    And I love that there are still toga parties at Uni —

    Animal House?

  17. Good luck at university Ashleigh. It’s a very special time!

  18. Good Luck to Ashleigh! With new stationary and a stunning toga she will have a fabulous year!!

  19. Stationary – such an important part of any preparation – and I believe the world knows how important I think matching is!

    Good Luck Ashleigh!

  20. M

    ah, well the Toga is the most important accessory. I must say Ashleigh’s toga is much more exotic that my white sheet wrapped over my bathers that I wore to many a toga party. Often, when the white sheet wasn’t available I had to use the apricot flowery sheet. Not a great look.

  21. Is there anything more exciting than new stationary?

    The start of a new life & direction for Ashleigh…

  22. Pretty! The stationery AND the toga. Oh, and as for the girl wearing the toga, she is beautiful. Good luck at Uni.

  23. Good luck at Uni!!!! Very beautiful toga too by the way! How exciting!

  24. What an exciting time for her and doesn’t she look magnificent!!

  25. sprucehillfarm

    Good luck Ashleigh! I am thinking she is going to have the most stylish toga at Uni!

  26. A girl can NEVER have too much stationary – for me it’s the best bit about uni!
    Good luck!

  27. of course, I meant STATIONERY!
    my head is full of marble runs…forces and all that…

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