He is Skinny…

Me: (reading my blog stats) Hey! Someone found my blog doing a search for “skinny fool”.

Pip: Oh. They were probably looking for me.


Yes, I’m certain that’s what they were doing.


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20 responses to “He is Skinny…

  1. What a cute picture! Life must be a hoot living with Pip!

  2. sprucehillfarm

    Ha! Good one…….
    Love the picture šŸ™‚

  3. Ha! Pip is so funny. I’m so jealous of his skinniness. Bet he can eat whatever he wants and still struggles to maintain a decent weight. As opposed to those of us who can look at a bowl of chocolate chip mint ice cream and gain weight.

  4. ROFLOL That is too too funny.

  5. LOL.

    Adolescence is wonderful. One can eat ice cream three meals a day and still be thin as a rail.

  6. :O) Love that kidd! Have a great blue sky day. Danielle

  7. they needed to narrow it down, “skinny accident prone fool”.
    What a great kid, being able to laugh at himself !

  8. twolimeleaves

    They also could have found him by searching for “perfect teeth” and “quick wit”.

  9. grandma

    His skinniness could be because if he sees something, thinks about something or does something “too gross”, he throws up. He threw up at school this week after running madly in a “beep” test. After I picked him up, I had to go to the shop on the way home. I gave him $8 to buy a drink and doughnut while I was in the shop. When I came out, he said “There’s 30 cents change if you want it”. He had some sort of thick milk shake, and I presume the rest went in doughnuts. That’s after throwing up. Oh to be 14 again.

  10. It was nice of him to offer you the change…

  11. grandma

    Yes, it was. But you know, and he knew, that I didn’t/wouldn’t take it.

  12. He is super fast that boy – as well as skinny…

  13. M

    you know, don’t you love that Grandma is always there to spill the beans!

  14. That Pip! He always surprises me with his comments!

  15. How I would love someone to think of me as a skinny foool. Well, especially the skinny bit.

    What beautiful eyes he has.

  16. I know he’s skinny but I would also like to know exactly how cheap he is.

  17. That half-a-mustache looks very familiar.

  18. I love Grandma’s comment!

  19. It’s PIP!!!

    (He’s in my class at school)

    Haha, Phillip is a funny one.

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