Highly Evolved…

Today is Darwin Day. It is 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin.

Last year our Prime Minister spoke about creativity as something that did not belong exclusively to the arts. That creativity of thought and mind should exist within all elements of our society, especially the sciences.

 We celebrate our opposable thumbs, used so well by our highly valued sports people, but this is not what separates us from the other species of our planet. It is our ability to imagine, to daydream, to ponder, to wonder, to problem solve and articulate. These are the very qualities of the creative mind. Charles Darwin was a creative man. He thought well outside the socially acceptable, or even scientifically acceptable, norm. He made a radical proposition about the origins of the species, he backed his argument with the interpretation of evidence.

So today, as I do most days, I will sit down and have a daydream, let my mind wander in creative thought. Wonder about something I see, find my way to a creative solution. I will do it all in honour of a creative thinker, a man of science.

A lot can happen in ninety seconds, just use your imagination…


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9 responses to “Highly Evolved…

  1. Did I read that the Pope was admitting that Darwin might have been right?
    All creatures seem to be quite creative, to me.

  2. As a spiritual person, I find it hard to digest the conservative religious folks who find science, particularly evolution, an either/or proposition. That’s just ignorant. Evidence of it is everywhere. My personal belief is that you don’t have to believe one thing is true at the exclusion of the other.

    Thank goodness for people like Darwin who weren’t afraid to challenge the rigid ideas of his day! Let’s hope there are more people like him in the present and the future.

  3. I love what you wrote.

    And Melinda’s response.

  4. M

    Darwin’s courage in his time was immense.

    I think I’ll celebrate today by creatively taking a nana nap and hoping my mind wanders to creative dreams.

  5. Nice post…a real thought-provoker!

  6. Great pensive post! I’ll raise my mug to Darwin today!

  7. Hi Tracey
    There is creativity everywhere, in every spirit. Darwin had an incredible mind. And yes a brave man in his day. xx

  8. Lovely.

    I think we’re not so different from other animals as we’d like to believe. The thought is both humbling and wonderful.

  9. I love a good daydream, me. I thought something very similar to this when I watched a Cirque du Soleil performance. Lots of animals can do amazing physical stuff but we have the ability to transform it into art and emotion

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