A Little Pampering

My sister Peta: Joseph, it’s nearly your birthday.

Joseph: Yeah.

Peta: What do you want to do for your birthday?

Joseph: Jojo get haircut.

Peta: You want to get a haircut for your birthday?

Joseph: Yeah.

So he did.



Everyone likes a bit of pampering on their special day, even if they’re only three.


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20 responses to “A Little Pampering

  1. Awww, so cute!! (and easily pleased!)

  2. Sounds like a man with a plan to me! He is so adorable. Happy Birthday Joseph.

  3. It is so cool to be three!!! Happy Birthday Joseph! And nice haircut!

  4. Good one Joseph. Happy Third Birthday. May you still be aware of your appearance when you are a grown bloke.

  5. Fabulous! Getting a haircut is a nice birthday pamper…

  6. That is so cute… and a great haircut!

  7. Too funny about the haircut. Looks like he wanted cake, too! Cute little guy!

  8. Happy Birthday Joseph.

    Josephs do tend to be very cute imo –

  9. Happy Birthday Joe, love your rockin’ new hair cut there.

    It does feel good to have a haircut. My two always think of haircuts as a treat. Plus it’s a present that goes on giving. All those people afterwards who admire your nice haircut. Except Fixit of course.

  10. grandma

    The haircut is quite a routine – that must be followed. Grandma must take him; we must go to the same shop; he must sit on the high chair; no clippers, only scissors; gel to make spikes afterwards (which he always touches and so flattens); followed by a large doughnut of choice. The girls in the hairdressers always admire him and tell him how cute he looks, and he agrees with them. He chose the cake to share with his cousins. He is only a touch indulged. This was the first day of the festival of Joseph which will continue through the weekend.

  11. Lisa

    Awww..very cute Joseph…was the cost up to $465!! Happy Birthday expensive boy.

  12. He is a very sweet looking little man!

  13. I love a man who knows his own mind.

  14. Divine! And grandma’s comment is gorgeous. You have a very sweet little man there, PP. Very sweet indeed. Happy birthday dear Joseph, happy birthday to you.

  15. No way, is he 3 already??

    Happy birthday spunky bum.

  16. Hmmm, my comment has disappeared!

    I can’t believe he is 3 already!

    Happy birthday Joseph!

  17. lynne

    I have found your blog through Dragonfly.
    Hasn’t Joseph grown from the earlier photo you showed?
    Your dog seems quite crazy, but then aren’t they all? Love your blogs, I will call again.

  18. Doesn’t he know his own mind! Great haircut. And great cake, too!

  19. Happy Birthday Joseph, you little cutie pie!!

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