Festival of Imogen

This week our family celebrated our fourth annual festival of Imogen. A week of pink frothy celebration, presents and cake.

Our party in the park was moved to the coffee shop due to wet weather and muddy ground. Fairies cannot abide mud.


Everyone got into the spirit.

Ashy was the beautiful head fairy, in charge of games and amusements:


Pip was the timekeeper fairy, “Is it time to leave, yet?”


Squish face photos were taken:


Candles were blown:


We rocked out to High School Musical 3, the soundtrack:


And took home beautiful fairy cakes.


Happy Birthday, Fairy Imogen.



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22 responses to “Festival of Imogen

  1. What a fun quilt!!
    The timekeeper fairy photo made me laugh – I’m impressed that he even attended, not many teenage boys would be keen I’m sure.
    Very cute party and Imogen and Ashley were beautiful fairies :o)

  2. Poor Pip. You even made him wear a fairy sling!

  3. Ah, Pip, who knew you were such a big High School Musical fan. Yes, everyone loves Troy. He look absolutely thrilled!

  4. That’s another gorgeous quilt, Tracey. Happy birthday to the fairy.

  5. h&b

    who is Troy, and why does Pip love him ?

    Gorgeous quilt, perfect for a Fairy Princess πŸ™‚

  6. Looks like you had a great time. Love the Time Keeper! Your fairies all looked beautiful.

  7. grandma

    The time keeper has a far better time at the Festival of Pip we hold each July!

    We are now preparing for the third annual Festival of Joseph the Fireman, held in less than two weeks. Love their faces at festival time.

  8. M

    Love the idea of a Festival. Ashleigh looks fabulous as a fairy. Pip not so much (I’m sure he’s relieved).

  9. Looks like you all (bar Pip) had a fairy good time…

  10. What fairy fun! I do love the idea of a Festival. And I just have to say that your daughter is sooooo incredibly pretty!

  11. What beautiful people and what a fun, fun festival! I agree with the other commenters..Poor Pip…what a trooper!

  12. Only Pip could pull off face drawings and a sling and still maintain such a high level of cool.

    Happy Birthday Imogen. I hope you got lots and lots of presents that are loud and bright and are driving your parents CRAZY with them.

  13. Happy Birthday sweet Fairy Imogen!

  14. How cute is that little birthday girl? I just love that first photo of her.

    The quilt is great! I am very excited about receiving mine! πŸ™‚

  15. Beautiful birthday girl, wonderful quilt. How perfect is that?

  16. What a perfect gift for the beautiful Fairy!

  17. sprucehillfarm

    Oh what a fin party. I love the quilt it is beautiful (of course) Happy birthday!

  18. Ashleigh’s dress was perfect for the head fairy role! Just the right amount of sparkles! Looks like a fabulous party!

  19. oooh what beautiful faries! And Happy Birthday Imogen. Hope she had a great day with lots of magic dust and sparkles – certainly looks like it! x

  20. I have two little people here who would have loved that party. And Tracey – your children are stunning. Just thought you should know πŸ˜‰

  21. What a fun party! The kids look so happy and…how gorgeous is that quilt!

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