My best Ever Decision

My best ever decision was made twenty-two years ago on the hottest day of the summer.



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26 responses to “My best Ever Decision

  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary – that is an absolute treasure of a photo!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love, love, love that picture. What hair! Both of you.

  3. Oh, were’nt you so cute! I had to wear a hat like that as a bridesmaid once. It wasn’t flattering on me AT ALL! LOL!

  4. Happy anniversary! I love the ‘dos, especially Petey’s! Makes you want to lean over and give the top of his head a rub! And you were wearing a full wedding dress with 3/4 length sleeves on the hottest day of summer!? Thanks for sharing!

  5. My goodness you are both gorgeous.

  6. twolimeleaves

    Happy Anniversary to you both. You are right, it was a fabulous decision. You just belong together. And you deserve each other in every good way.

  7. Happy Anniversary – that is such a lovely photo!

  8. Happy Anniversary Lovebirds. The 24th of January is a very happy day!

  9. Yes, it certainly was hot here to on your anniversary! ( can’t remeber if it was 22 years ago)
    Best wishes to you both….you have both altered somewhat…as have we all……Lovely then….lovely now!
    Good Decision!

  10. Oh wow. Happy Anniversary…

  11. Happy Anniversary!! and wishing you many more to come :o)

  12. Sam & Pat

    Happy ‘Versary Aunty Tracey and Uncle Pete. Love Sammy & Patty xx

  13. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous!

  14. Congratulations to you both.

    Your happiness spills out of the photo and warms me as I see it.

  15. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful photo.

  16. sprucehillfarm

    Happy Anniversary! I love the picture it is so full of love.

  17. What an adorable picture…you look so very happy!

    I went to the link you gave me…Pip, Thomas and Percy are all as cute as can be! Of course, I just love pictures…especially of family and pets. My earliest posts were about all our little furkids…those who have left us and those we are still able to hold and love. They are the dearest little things and the ‘joy in our lives’. Thanks for visiting.

  18. h&b

    Oh My Lord – but I can see you so clearly here – it’s still you, albeit without Neighbour’s Charlene hair/perm/colour/??

    And rowr, what a hottie you nabbed. Go Pete !

    Gorgeous.Gorgeous.Gorgeous. Both of You.


    Happy Days.xx

  19. h&b

    And by God, you look like Ashy.
    And how skinny are you – I bet you’re not even ‘sucking it in’ !

    Fabulous, fabulous..

  20. Don’t you both look gorgeous! Happy Anniversary.

  21. Happy Anniversary.

    My goodness, Pip is the image of you!

  22. (Belated) Happy anniversary! Don’t the two of you look perfect? You’re like an angel, and he’s managing to combine “punk rock” with respectability – no mean feat!

  23. You are both glowing with happiness. What a beautiful photo.

    Congratulations on your anniversary.

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