Rock On

On Friday the lovely Miss Ashleigh and her beautiful friend Miss Rachel asked me to take them to the airport.


They hopped onto a plane and flew to the Gold Coast. They have been planning this trip for many, many months.

Off they went to the Big Day Out. A huge, iconic Australian music festival.

Last night I got a text message that read (imagine it without any punctuation):

I can’t hear, my ears are ringing. I can’t talk, I have no voice left. It was awesome, the best day ever.

Rock on, baby, rock on!


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Thank you so much for your supportive comments to my last post and to my new website. Thanks to those people who have entered the competition and linked back to my other blog. Every one can do that -you don’t have to be a quilter. In this competition I will make a quilt for you.  It has been a very busy few weeks. I have been floating on clouds with excitement as every thing came together at the last minute. Pip found a way to bring me back to earth, though… but that is another post.


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16 responses to “Rock On

  1. *sigh* I used to go to the Big Day Out.

  2. My heart hurts at how beautiful those two girls look. I am so envious of that young clear skin, beautiful features and slim figures.

    Anyway, enough of that. I have looked for your mag and can’t find it in the poxy newsagents here. I am about to go on a rampage, watch the news!

    Oh, and you aren’t the only celeb you know.

    You may want to check out last week’s New Idea for the ABC learning advert and feast your eyes on my beautiful nephew!

  3. Like Stomper, I too used to go to the BDO concerts in Melbourne.

    *sigh* They were the days. I now feel old.

  4. M

    I think I was always too old for the BDO. I remember when nightclubs played top 40 – that’s how old. Bleh.

    I’m off to enter the competition. I’d love a quilt made for me.

  5. I entered 😉

    Hope Pip is feeling better.

  6. I feel spoilt enough already by you but am happy to give you a mention at my place –

    and love that the girls had such a fantastic time..

  7. I bet they had fun! what better than loud for young people 🙂

  8. I think I’ve always been old and boring. They look so glamorous… heading off to a music fest. What fun! So envious.

  9. Yep. Too old for BDO. It was definitely top 40 for me.

    Glad they had a great time.

  10. Every young person should have the chance to go to BDO!

  11. Good for Ashleigh and her friend! Sounds like exactly what they needed!

  12. I linked for you (but neglected to mention it of course) purely because I am in awe of your talent and wish you 100% success in your venture.

  13. Looking uber cool there ladies.
    Hope that it is red hot at the festival.

  14. My goodness. Now those are American sized luggage bags!

  15. candiedfabrics

    Oh my GOD! How WRONG is it that I absolutely laughed until I cried reading this! BLESS you for having to live through this, and good luck to him when HE has kids!!! LOLOLOL!

  16. candiedfabrics

    oops, replied to the wrong post – I’m SURE you know which post I was referring to! 😉

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