About to Burst

That’s me. I’m about to burst with excitement. Too many good and exciting things are happening all at once! I have been dancing around my house in a way which has caused my children great embarrassment!

First of all, this week the new edition of Quilters Companion magazine was published… with my quilt ON THE COVER! Clare, the editor, doesn’t tell you if your quilt is giong to be on the cover – she likes it to be a surprise. What a lovely surprise it was. Kellie saw it first and sent me a very cryptic email. I sent my sister immediately to the newsagent beside her work to see if it had arrived in Townsville.

And…ta-da (look hard and you’ll see my name right there on the cover)


It had. Isn’t the magazine just lovely? I made this quilt some time ago, while Philip was in hospital. I may have given you a little teaser, but now you can see the whole thing.


I am so pleased with the photography in the magazine. You can see the quilted feathers. It is just lovely.

But the very best thing about the magazine is this:


an article written about me.

The focus of the article is my secret project. The one I have been working on for so many months. The one I am about to reveal to you. (You should make a ‘doo doo doooo’ sound, like a trumpet announcing something of great importance.)

Imagine That… quilts.

I am so delighted and excited and proud to link from here to my new website and to my second blog – this one is written exclusively to support my website and Imagine That… quilts. I am having a competition to launch my business out into the interweb. I hope you’ll join in and help me test the theory of six degrees of separation.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and dance around a bit more.


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36 responses to “About to Burst

  1. Now that is worth dancing around for! Looks fantastic – everything. Well done to you, you’ve done yourself proud.

  2. Dance, Tracey dance. I’m a bit jealous and in awe of you but mostly so happy for and proud of you! Congratulations.

  3. So cool. I bought the magazine the day after I saw you and was so thrilled to read it. I’m just so happy for you.

    And the new website looks great. Wishing you all good things. What a fabulous start to the year!!

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  5. Congratulations Tracey,

    It all looks fantastic, what a lovely way to personalise quilts.

    Your quilt on the cover is really beautiful as well, I will be sure to look for it tomorrow at the newsagent.

    i may take a little longer to answer your questions though – takes a bit of thought!

  6. Just found your blog, what a beautiful quilt. Congratulations. Now to go and have a look at your other blog.

  7. Oh, Tracey, Congratulations! You are so very talented and deserve every success in your new venture!

    I can’t wait to enter the context — Jaxon would look so cute in quilt form, and I need something to hand above his dresser!

  8. How exciting! I can’t wait to see the issue at my LQS here in Virginia.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS Tracey! Hope you’re still dancing!

  10. Genius! How exciting!

  11. Oh wow! I can imagine how very excited and proud and thrilled you’re feeling right now!
    Love that cover quilt — now I’m going to check out all the other stuff on your website and other blog.
    Congratulations, Tracey! Brilliant!
    (Must ask Laura to get me a copy of the mag and save it until I get home …)

  12. Ooooh! Congratulations indeed!

    I am heading straight on over to your second blog – and how impressive does that sound?!

  13. Dance until you are exhausted – you deserve this happiness so much.

    My lord that quilt is beautiful…

  14. Well done dancing Tracey. I wish your venture much success!

    I will have to wait ages till my copy of Quilter’s Companion arrives – sometimes takes weeks to cross the ditch!

    Dance all around the world!

  15. Lisa

    Congs, I am going out to buy one – Dont need to dancing around….it would be better if you running outside around the house screaming out…holding the book really high or…would it be fanastic if you can go on the roof and dancing around?? Yep that would be much more better…Once again a big Congs. Now you have a famous quilt on the cover so you need to name the quilt as a special..how about “Pateteashypep” ..lol

  16. Lisa

    Pat (Patcher) ete (Pete) ashy (Ashleigh) pep (Phillip) – “Pateteashypep”

  17. sprucehillfarm

    Oh how exciting!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    I am headed right over to check it out! Good job

  18. That’s so worth jujmping, dancing and bursting about. Happy dancing! Congratulations, and well done. All the best on your new venture.

  19. Right after, “ta-da-da-da”, I heard “Celebration time come on” playing! Was that the tune you’ve been dancing to? Think of all the calories you’ve burnt off!!

    Congrats on your new website/business and, in particular, the front cover of that quilting magazine! Snazzy quilt!

  20. Oh, how fabulous Tracey. I wish to every success with this new and exciting venture.

  21. I ran out & bought the magazine! Two blog friends famous.
    Huge Congrats Tracey, & so well deserved! How exciting for you all.

  22. Hooray for you!

    I think people will love your designs. May large barrels of filthy lucre soon start rolling your way!

  23. Well done, well done, well done! I am very impressed. All good luck to the new venture.

  24. candiedfabrics

    CONGRATULATIONS! What a pleasant shock! And the quilt is fabulous!

  25. dancingwithfrogs

    How wonderful! I had a look at your new venture and i’m sure it’ll be a winner. It’s so exciting when lots of good things happen at once, isn’t it?

  26. Congratulations!! How fabulous for you. Also all the best for the new website and future projects – where do you get the time?

  27. All these wonderful things happening to a very deserving person, well done!!

  28. I am SO THRILLED for you. The magazine article is the most wonderful way to launch your amazing new project and I know that everyone who arrives at your new website will be enchanted. Your hard work will be rewarded and you deserve every minute of the happiness that it will bring you.

  29. WooHOO!! congratulations! Now when I go to the bookstore I can tell anyone within earshot that my friend did that!!!! I just love it when the people I blog with get good good things going on!

  30. grandma

    Did you all notice that it is my daughter as the quilter. Such a beautiful child who grew up to be so artistic and talented. Makes me so proud.

    And, Aunty, I have left the field open for you, as nepotism really rules me out – oh, and I don’t have a blog to attach links, either. I do, however, carry the magazine around with me and tell everyone I meet about my daughter the cover girl. That’s almost as good as a blog link, isn’t it?

  31. oooh well done!! i’m heading over there now! x

  32. ladyfrou

    Sad, moppy face… I haven’t bought Quilters Companion for ages, as I dislike having the free CD obscuring the cover so I can’t see whats in the issue, so it was lovely to see the unobstructed cover.. and then to drool over your gorgeous quilt… that is so me! Except scoured 3 newsagents since Saturday and haven’t been able to find the mag… will hunt again tomorrow

  33. Well done! You dance as much as you like. You deserve to.

  34. h&b

    You. Just. rock.

    How awesome is that 2-page spread ? .. and a front-cover mention and quilt .. and photo .. and interview .. and

    hell, why not name the mag after you ?

    You really are fabulous.
    Best of Luck, Sweetie !

  35. Oh congratulations!! How exciting!

    The quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Well done.

    I’m off to look at the new site.

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