How to be a Weather Nerd

While you are eating your breakfast check the radar loops to see if there is any rain imminent.


Next check the simple loops to see where cloud is building across the country.


Now check the analysis chart, comparing it with the simple loops information.


Finally check the forecast for your city – be sure to look at the extended forecast, the detailed forecast and the current conditions.

Repeat this process daily. (except the current conditions, this can be checked hourly if desired)

I wrote this post a few days ago, so all of the images are old. We are now in the shadow of a cyclone which is moving through the Gulf of Carpentaria and it is very rainy. Due to the influence of the cyclone on our weather I also have to check the current tropical cyclones page.

No wonder I never get enough work done!


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6 responses to “How to be a Weather Nerd

  1. I do this when it gets really hot, I NEED to know when the cool change is coming. I thought you guys only had two weathers, hot and hot and wet, and wouldn’t bother with the BOM.

    Your questions are coming by the way.

  2. I do this daily as well! to check when its going to rain and to see lighting. Melbourne weather changes every 5 minutes!

  3. If I lived in a cyclone part of the world I would be doing this too!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. I think you are related to my dh. He is a weather-watching nut! He checks the forecast multiple times daily! The weather radar is on his favorites list! We don’t even have cyclones (albeit we get snow dumps!)

  5. Whispers…I, too, am a weather nerd…shush!

  6. *Draws curtain and confesses* Me too! I recently discovered it’s genetic – the BOM is the first link my Mum goes to online. And she doesn’t just watch *her* weather, she watches my brother’s in Adelaide and mine in Toowoomba… not that *I* would ever do that, nope, not me, um, excuse me, there’s an interesting system just over there….

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