Just Chilling

Long, long ago when my Pete and I looked like this:


we decided to set up house together. One of the first essential items we bought was a fridge. With our very small, just out of our teens, budget we bought a very small fridge. As it was the eighties it was a fashionable almond coloured fridge. It was not frost-free (too fancy!) and it had no features other than a light which would work if you jiggled the button in just the right way after you had opened the door.

This fridge has been very good to us. It has moved five times and just kept chilling our food for all of these years. For quite some time it has been too small to meet our needs, but why would we replace something that was working perfectly well? Now, however, our milk goes off a little too quickly, we are too lazy to do those regular defrosts, we can no longer open the bottom drawers to see what is making that smell. A decision had to be made.

Today we took possession of new fridge.


Old fridge has been sent to sit in the corner before making its final ever move. New fridge is big and shiny and frost free.

It has to keep chilling our perishables until 2032 because we work on a twenty-three year cycle for replacing fridges.


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23 responses to “Just Chilling

  1. Is new fridge magnet-attractive? I ask because so many of them aren’t nowadays. And that is a major benefit of old-fridge by the looks of it!

    I hope old fridge has a good think to itself while sitting in the naughty corner.

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention- old fridge has developed a mild rust problem which is treated with magnets. New fridge has a smooth complexion and has no need for such disguises.

  3. I had the almond dryer, a cousin to your fridge. It also still runs, although the door handle, like your light, needs a good jiggle.
    I have now passed the dryer on to someone else as I was given a newer one. (Never look a gift dryer in the mouth, I say). The almonds live on – they made them tough!

  4. WOW – that could be Ashleigh with a different hair cut.
    Fingers crossed that the new fridge lasts 23 years but I am not sure it will. These days things don’t last like they used to (even the 80’s) – manufacturers want us to buy more – sadly. I did like the almond though.

  5. M

    Awww, look at you two young things. Your 23yo fridge beats ours. When we moved into our current home it came with a fridge (!) – one with a really fancy brand name. That meant our first fridge (aged 16) is now the beer fridge. A mighty fine beer fridge it makes too. It saved our bacon on NYE when the fancy fridge broke down and cost the GDP of a small nation to fix.

  6. OMG you two are too cute! Don’t think that a new frigde would last that long though! Not made to last any more

  7. I agree with Kellie! Too cute for words and ditto for the fridge! I’m sounding more and more like my parents: I remember when…

  8. My goodness your children look like you two.

    Nice fridge. (I just did a post about mine too!) They don’t make stuff like they used to hey? I wonder how long your new one will last. I’m not putting money on 23 years.

  9. Wow! That may be a picture from the past, but it could also be a peek into the future! Your kids look JUST like you!

  10. The new one looks like it is a snug fit! I think 23 years ought NOT to be a big ask of a new appliance but Fixit keeps muttering about “built-in obsolescence” so I dunno.

    I love that photo of you two, your Pete in particular looks very eighties and you are both so fresh-faced!

  11. That photo of the two of you is adorable!

    Congratulations on the new fridge. Once it’s covered with magnets, it’ll start to feel like it belongs.

  12. How sweet you both looked so young!
    We have just retired our old ‘Tardis’ as the kids nicknamed it. It was 21 years old.

  13. That is a very good innings for your old fridge. Not convinced the new one will last as long… will we all still be blogging to find out??!!!

    Oh that photo of you two… I love it….

  14. Tewnty three years doesn’t sound too bad for a fridge. I fear modern appliances don’t last as long. That is a beautiful picture of the two of you.

  15. Twenty three years? Blimey, that’s an impressive length of time for a fridge!

    Lovely photo of the two of you.

  16. Congratulations on the new fridge. Love the photo of the two of you and how much does your son look like his Dad and your daughter look like you!!!

  17. What a handsome couple! I hope you enjoy your nice shiney new fridge.

  18. oooh look at you two! lovely!! in the uk, your small fridge, is quite a large fridge! xx

  19. Wow Tracey, the blonde you is a honey! Hubba hubba Pete!

    That new fridge couldn’t have been one millimetre bigger, could it? It just wouldn’t have fit!

  20. Hello, Mr & Mrs Adorable. Who cares if you are obsessive about elderly fridges – you are amazing parents and that is what REALLY matters.

  21. So impressed by this story! I’ve just had a 12 yr old washing machine repaired, I was really proud of myslef, specially cause my Mother-in-law suggested we ‘just buy a new one’ – cause, you know we just have that sort of cash laying around for such things!!!

  22. h&b

    OMG – Look at you two ! You remind me of Sandy in Grease ( at the start, when she was pure and lovely ). Your Pete would make a great young John Travolta too. Mmm.


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