Cat food?

I am sorry to tell you this, but my son eats tinned tuna…daily. Not only that, but he likes most tinned fish products.

I can think of nothing more revolting. I don’t even like to breathe through my nose when he is eating it, lest I happen to smell it.

For Christmas he recieved some tinned fish. Shiny silver sardines, all the way from France.


Although, these ones were a little different.


I could have eaten these ones.

If there had been any left!



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19 responses to “Cat food?

  1. Ah, well. He’ll be getting his Omega-3 fatty acids!

    My dad used to get schnockered and split a can of sardines with the cat. May your son never fall to such depths.

  2. Will adores tinned tuna.

    I adore those chocolate sardines!

  3. Be very glad that he eats healthy stuff like that!. Salmon would be even better ( more omega 3 by far apparently )( they probably taste better than his Chocolate ones.

    It may be a boy thing….I know a young fellow aged 12 who snacks on the same thing….it could be their bodies telling them they need it!

    ( I see some other cat like features appearing! )

  4. I’m with you Tracey i think tinned fish is catfood too. Specially tuna. But I’ll eat sushi happily and proper fish baked, steamed or fired.

  5. MasterM is a fan of tuna – it must be a boy thing. I am not sure that he is listening to his body or eating it for the Omega3 oils – it is more likely that he does not have to chew when he eats it.

  6. Here I thought Chocolate Fish were sacred to New Zealand! Ours were not sardines, though.
    I hate tuna, I dont blame you for not inhaling!!

  7. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    Not so good with corn though…

  8. I love those sardines. I brought some back from Perth, bought from a French Chocolate shop we know. Such a cool novelty!

  9. I’m not a fan of canned fish products but I had a house-mate once who liked to eat it canned fish products for breakfast. I can understand any other time of the day but I can’t imagine eating canned fish for breakfast!

  10. I’m new to your blog, so excuse my openness…I’m a “sardine’s for breakfast” girl, but I’m gluten intolerant, so it’s just easy. There are days when I’d much prefer pancakes!! I’m interested though, why blog about something you don’t like?

  11. I *love* tinned tuna. But as last year was my “only buy Australian groceries” year, I went twelve months without it…all the tinned tuna on the supermarket shelves comes from Asia.

  12. Your kids have got the most amazing eyes Tracey!

  13. M

    Tinned fish? Gross!

    Tinned chocolate Fish? Gimme gimme.

  14. I would take one of THOSE fish… but not a real one in a tin. My father-in-law LOVES sardines. But he also eats chitlins (fried pig intestine and cow tongue too.

  15. I had heart palpitations when I read that title – I thought you meant Rattie! Peter used to call our last pet rat “Cat Food in Non-Perishable Form”. Just to annoy the kids.

  16. I’m not big on seafood, but I have to admit I don’t mind tinned tuna. But only Safcol or John West.

    Add a bit of white vinegar, and it’s good to go!

    The supermarket brands are definitely cat food.

  17. I was a huge canned tuna fan when I was younger, but now I’ve lost the taste for it. I do, however, love sardines and canned oysters.

    At first I thought he had a cigar in his mouth.

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