A Very Adult Christmas

That’s what it was at our house.

Santa did not come, for the first time in eighteen years. Presents were simply wrapped and placed under the tree for each of us. This meant that I did not have to do a midnight present placement. All presents were ready and under the tree well before lunch time on Christmas eve. The table was set for Christmas breakfast by 3 o’clock that afternoon. The food was prepared and ready to set out by 6 o’clock that evening. It was a Christmas miracle!

I actually went to bed at a reasonable time with nothing else to do. Once I got there I found that I could not sleep any way. Too many things to think about. So I watched ‘Hairspray’. I love a good musical!

On Christmas day my children were just beautiful. They were gracious and generous. They helped out, they spent time together. They had a wonderful day. We moved from family to family, but managed to find a little time for an afternoon rest.

It was a blissful Christmas. Everything just flowed.

Bring on the new year – I am ready to be finished with this one now.


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11 responses to “A Very Adult Christmas

  1. You forgot to mention what time you were woken up. 6am at our house, which given their ages is fairly reasonable!

    Your Christmas sounds lovely.

  2. There was no waking. I hopped out of bed at 6:30 to find Ashy still asleep and Pip half sleeping in the lounge room.

  3. h&b

    Oh – how lovely ! *Civilised*

    Sounds right up my alley – and hopefully right up my future 😉

  4. Sounds lovely! I love the week between Christmas day and New Years Day – it seems like the longest week in the year, the weather is nice and everyone is cruisin’…..

  5. Bliss! You got the best of both worlds. Still had your ‘children’ but also had adult children!

  6. It’s nice when they’re a little older, isn’t it?
    Bring on the New Year!

  7. That sounds like bliss. What a lovely day. What a lovely family.

  8. Sounds wonderful!
    I am still at the stage of thinking Boxing Day is just the best as it is so relaxing!

  9. How lovely and relaxed that sounds. And even better – that you enjoyed it so much. Today I have that very ‘laid back’ type feeling. Bliss….

  10. What a wonderful Christmas. I must admit I love filling the stockings late at night, but all that preparation and build-up drives me a little bit crazy!

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