One Hundred Metres of Bubblewrap…

Not joking there.

This is one hundred metres of bubble wrap.


Last week, just out of the blue, someone rang and asked if I would be interested in selling my small quilting machine. She said she knew someone who was keen to buy that sort of machine. I really don’t use it much, now that I have the big one. It has been on my mind to sell it, but I had been procrastinating, not really knowing how to go about it or what to charge. I had a price in mind, but she offered my more than double my price. So… I took it. I’d have been crazy not to sell it!  Just in time for Christmas. Nice bonus!

So today my Pete used one hundred metres of bubble wrap, one hundred metres of clear tape and fifty metres of super strong yellow tape to package it all up into a box.

In the morning it will be collected and sent off to its new home.

In the morning I might go shopping…


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10 responses to “One Hundred Metres of Bubblewrap…

  1. M

    Wrapping with bubblewrap is, strangely, satisfying I think. Today I wrapped our broken Sony PSP in bubblewrap to sent it to the fixers – I even sealed it shut with a christmas sticker.

    Have fun shopping.

  2. My mother loves to pop the bubbles. She sits and pops. Pops and sits. I think it drives my father a little crazy.

  3. Wow. Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of packing job this must have entailed.

  4. WOW! that’s a lorralorra bubble wrap! is it a very big machine? Nice to have a shopping bonus! xx

  5. I wrapped my daughter up in almost that much bubble-wrap once — she was going to a friend’s birthday party, and the theme was ‘The Titanic’. All the girls were going as Kate Winslett, so Lily, rolling her eyes, decided she would go as the iceberg!

  6. Maybe next time try using pop corn – it is kinder to the environment – birds can eat it.( might not have given such good protection I realise )

    Lesley’s idea above for an iceberg fancy dress, made me giggle….hope she didn’t need to go to the loo.

    Season’s Greetings!

  7. I like the idea of the iceberg too! Clever girl!
    What a nice Chrissy bonus for you!

  8. WOW – how wide is the bubble wrap?? that is a lot!! Mind you I wish the packers in Switzerland had used even 20m of bubble wrap on my sewing machine as it ended up with a cracked case!! Enjoy the shoppping!!!

  9. sprucehillfarm

    That is a lot of bubble wrap! My kids would have a ball with it! They put it on the floor and run around to pop the bubbles, it’s fun!
    It’s a nice little bonus to have at Christmas. Merry Merry 🙂

  10. If only I had known you had one to sell! My kids would have thought it was Christmas with all that bubble wrap!

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