End of Year Concert

For MANY years this time of year has meant the end of year dance concert. Ashy studied ballet for about eight years and tap for eleven years. More hours than I can count were dedicated to costume preparation and rehearsals. I cannot honestly say that I am sad those hours of waiting for rehearsal to finish have ended. That many years of dance don’t happen without enormous commitment from the parents.

The tradition of the end of year concert did not end for my family once Ashleigh moved on from her dance studies.

Now I go to watch Chelsea dance at the end of the year. For me now, though, it is all concert, no commitment. Being an Aunty is a sweet arrangement!

This year we watched Chelsea dance in her Irish performance then rushed backstage for her quick change for her Modern number.


It was all hands on deck to change costumes, shoes and hairdo.


Time for a quick hug from Ashy,


then back out to perform.

I think I noticed Ashy’s feet tapping silently under her chair. Could be more dance in our future…


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16 responses to “End of Year Concert

  1. They are both absolutely gorgeous – Truly!

  2. M

    Gosh, Ashleigh must love being home.

  3. There is a little girl here who would love to do ‘dance’. Just a matter of finding a place for one to do so… Good idea or not?

  4. Two beautiful girls….er…women!

  5. This reminds me of that photo you took of Chelsea, pining for Ashy, in her little dance outfit. How lovely to see them together, both so happy!

  6. What beauties they are!
    Over here, where Christmas is in the middle of the school year, I’ve forgotten all that frantic end-of-the-year whirlwind of concerts and musicals and prize-givings and speech nights.
    It’s way calmer like this.

  7. grandma

    So beautiful. Ashy always wanted to do “straight arm dancing” too, but there is only so much time in the week for after school activities. Chelsea was so serious on stage. She really, really, enjoyed herself. Clever girls.

  8. All the kids in your family have the gorgeous gene!

  9. sprucehillfarm

    Such pretty girls!

  10. How nice it was for you and Ashleigh to go watch Chelsea perform! What great support! Ashleigh looks so happy and I noticed that she and Pip have returned to the sibling battles! Most everything is back to normal! I think it is great if Ashleigh wants to resume dancing! It’s excellent exercise and great for the brain!

  11. Little Chelsea looks like she is glowing with happiness! Bless her little dancing heart.

  12. What absolutely beautiful girls! The dancing concerts still haven’t ended for us with our big girl … we are going to see Lisa’s concert tonight … she’s 21!

  13. Lovely photo. I must admit I am glad my girls haven’t suggested/wanted to do dance as I know the commitment and added cost that parents are faced with. I applaud you for all your years of I am sure making many many costumes. Enjoy being the Aunty in the crowd.

  14. I also have many memories of the end of year concerts – both as a dancer and my mum making costumes for myself AND my two sisters. Then as a parent when my little one danced for a couple of years – I was really saddened when she decided to stop dancing … I also tap dance and went in the concerts, but sadly my studio scaled down and we no longer have concerts – but I still have lessons – it isn’t quite the same …. cool photos! Most dance places now contract out the sewing and the parents JUST pay for it – where is the commitment???

  15. h&b

    For the first time ever .. I think my tummy had a phantom girl-kick then … ahhh .. *sigh*


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