Having a Brother

Since Ashy’s return from France she has been working at a coffee shop. This means that some days she starts work at 6am, for the morning rush. Other days she starts at 11am for the lunch time rush.

One day this week, unbeknown to her brother, she did the lunch time shift. She was laying on her bed reading when the door opened and Pip walked straight in.

Ashy: Ahem! What are you doing?

Pip: You here?

Ashy: Yes. Why are you in my room?

Pip: I need a sock.

Ashy: What?

Pip: I don’t have a sock.

Ashy: Well you can’t just help yourself to a pair of mine.

Pip: It’s OK, I have one of my own, so I only need one of yours.


Later that day;

Ashy: Dude you are wearing my socks!

Pip: Correction. I am wearing one of your socks.


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17 responses to “Having a Brother

  1. I bet Ashleigh’s sock was more comfortable.

    It’s like pinching a hot chip off someone, it always tastes better than if you buy your own!

  2. I bet Ashy’s sock was cleaner, too 😉 Nothing against Tracey’s wash standards, but I notice boy’s socks seem to stain and ‘grey’ fasterthan girl’s socks!

  3. Brothers prepare you for dating in the oddest ways. Sock thievery, for example.

  4. See, that would never happen the other way around now would it?

    Boy’s socks? EEeeeew.

  5. It wasn’t pink with lace trim around the ankle, was it??

  6. He wouldn’t have cared. He never wears matching socks. He doesn’t notice the colour. He would not have noticed if they were girly.

  7. M

    Oh boy, that’s a comedy skit. You could sell that one.

    The thing is, once a brother wears your sock can you ever wear it again? Bleh. Boy germs.

  8. I second M’s comment. Fun-neee….

  9. He has apparently been doing it for quite some time and Ashy has only just worked it out. She needs all new socks!

  10. h&b

    I woulda socked him one.

    Pun originally unintended, but then I went for it..

  11. I sometimes try and have mine wear odd socks or each others socks but they have OCD in such a big way it never really flys ….

  12. I’m surprised his feet fit her socks. He’s probably stretched it so that pair will never fit her properly again.

    Melinda made me laugh, but Fixit could never thieve my clothes, he’s so much bigger than me.

  13. Very Funny!
    It is always odd sock day in this house! In fact I think the girls started a bit of a trend at school as recently I noticed a few girls with odd socks!! Their mothers are probably cursing – for me it is great given the fact that our washing machine really eats socks!!

  14. grandma

    Stomper you are right. Ashleigh wears a petite size 6.5 shoe and Pip has these great slabs of meat on the end of his legs that are covered by size 11 or 12. I offered to buy Ashleigh all pink socks but Pip said that was cool. Maybe she needs a locked secret drawer to hide her valuables – socks!

  15. Oh, thank goodness. For a while there I thought it was just my children… LOL

  16. MasterM just steals his father’s socks. That way he can be sure of getting the right size and colour – and he knows that his father will be completely oblivious.

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