Our Weekend Away

Last weekend my Pete and I hopped on a plane and flew away from home.

The company my Pete workds for is based in Brisbane. They invited the members of the small Townsville office to join the large Brisbane office Christmas party. The party was on Friday night, but we decided to make a weekend of it.

I must tell you that the party was a huge disappointment. The invitation said 6:30-10:30pm, so we thought it was a sit down dinner. No. It was a stand up, finger food and open bar affair. We had neglected to eat and are not big drinkers. We managed to make small talk and met some interesting people. At 10:30pm on the dot they turned on the lights and asked everyone to leave. They ushered us out the security doors which would not open to allow re-entry. By this time a torrential rainstorm had started. It was bucketing with rain. All the Brisbane people hopped into their cars with their designated drivers and left. Those of us without cars stood crowded on a small balcony area and waited for a taxi.

It took well over an hour for the taxi to arrive. That is a looong time to stand on a small balcony in heavy rain with a group of well-oiled people. I can think of better ways to spend my time!

Thankfully that was our only commitment and after that our weekend was our own. We spent time shopping, visiting the  markets and we went to the movies. We wandered around the new State Library and the Museum of Modern Art, both are beautiful buildings, and enjoyed the exhibitions. We had morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas in all variety of cafes and eateries. We travelled around the city by bus, by train and by foot.

We found a patchwork shop and I bought some lovely fabrics that I really needed.


Thankfully we managed to make a very nice weekend out of an ordinary Christmas function.


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15 responses to “Our Weekend Away

  1. Shane about the party, but great about your weekend!! Yay! Fabric! What more could you ask for?

  2. The weekend sounds perfect – the party dire.

    I am so glad that I have left the world of office Christmas parties behind!!

  3. M

    Office christmas parties? Bleh. A weekend away? Fabulous!

  4. I’m with them. If the company paid – yay, what a free wayto have a trip down for a weekend away. Otherwise… can you pass on the party next year and just do the trip?

  5. UGH! I’m glad you were able to make the best of the weekend despite the lame party. We get a very long winter break from the university, and that’s good not only for sewing, but it also means no Christmas parties!

  6. Parties are like that: either they have people swinging off chandeliers with lots of fun and entertainment or (the majority) are a snore. Still, a free trip, no kids and shopping!! The advantage of having a bad back would have been that I would have been outta there within 30 minutes or so because the standing would have negatively affected my back and shopping!! You are welcome to use my excuse next time at a party ~ I won’t tell!

  7. My company has a huge beautiful Chirstmas party – over 1200 people attend and we take over a beautiful historic hotel. BUT, they allow smoking in the hotel and, with my allergies, I can never find food to eat. I am always hungry and have a headache when I leave. This is the first year I have skipped the party (it’s tonight). 20 years ago I loved company Christmas parties. I’m waayyyyy over them now!

    Glad the fabric store was there!

  8. Isn’t that *always* the way – bloody Xmas functions.

    Glad you enjoyed BrisVegas. It is a lovely city – one we were *that* close to moving too but you know the story now…

  9. Obviously the karmic reason for the trip was those lovely fabrics you needed! Shame about the rainstorm though. xxx

  10. Brisbane is brilliant. I love it — it’s got such an energy and drive about it.

    UGH — business drinky-dos.
    My Dave is much better at them than I, and we have a very happy understanding: He goes alone unless it’s something he knows I’d love (and he never fails me), or that he really wants me to go to. Bless him!

  11. That does sound like a sksnky party, glad the rest of the weekend was an improvement. And at least the kids didn’t trash the house while you were away!

  12. Has anyone ever been to an office party that was FUN? Sounds like the rest of the weekend was lovely and that fabric is certainly divine!

  13. Still, a weekend away is a weekend away, isn’t it, and I’m sure you had no fabric at home so that was all right.

    (By the way, I too hope that the Mummy gets something better than a cook book. Or maybe she wants one. We’ll never know.)

  14. Bummer about the party … but isn’t nice to be together for a whole weekend just you and your Pete! I remember the Friday night taxi lines in Brisbane, not fun at all! But I do so love Brisbane!

  15. Bloody finger food, everyone’s doing it these days.

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