Shiny Red Handbag

M, from Easternmax has tagged me to reveal the contents of my handbag, apparently she has been wondering what I carry around with me each day.

If this has also been on your mind, then feast your eyes below.


Inside my brand new shiny red handbag you can see the following essential items:

  • my mobile phone – it came in its own case and has its own pocket within the handbag. This is good, I like it to be in the same place each time it rings.
  • a bright pink case containing my quilting business cards
  • a ‘sniffy’ – one of those things that smells like vicks and clears your sinuses, very useful before and after take off when travelling by plane. It helps to stop my ears from hurting.
  • a glasses case containing my glasses – the sunglasses are missing from this photo because I still had them on top of my head.
  • a tin of peppermints – these give me a boost when I get a bit sleepy.
  • my work ID badge on a green lanyard with my work keys, a whistle and a 2GB memory stick.
  • my blue ipod*
  • a receipt from a quilt shop
  • an asthma puffer – strangely I am the only member of my family who does not need to use it AND the only member of my family who actually carries on around with me at all times.
  • my purse – small and compact
  • a blue biro – in a medium point with a lid. If it loses the lid I throw it out. It makes the pen too short and I don’t like it.
  • my lipgloss is there too buried under other stuff – just to prove that I am a girl

I am certain that all of this reveals a bit more of my personality than you needed to know!

*This is a song I recently added to my ipod. Perfect for dancing when you are wearing a taffeta dress and shoulder pads with a tight spiral perm…


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15 responses to “Shiny Red Handbag

  1. should have put my car/house keys in there too, but I had left them on the bench!

  2. Ooh, love a red handbag. I don’t have one and my family doesn’t think I need one. What do they know?

    Glad to see your glasses case actually contains your glasses. Unlike mine!

  3. M

    The video! You know I probably lusted after that taffeta confection at the time

  4. h&b

    A Vicks Pick Stick

    that’s what we used to call them.
    I was addicted to mine, but haven’t seen one in *years* – now I want to snort on one NOW.


  5. Oh, now, to me, that’s as good as looking in your bathroom cabinet!


  6. You have an astonishingly clean handbag there. I’d be so ashamed to show you mine. Crumbs and bits of lint, piles and piles of crumpled up receipts…. I love those Vicks sniffer thingies. And the blue ipod. Mine is boring gray.

  7. New bag. Tell us more. Was this a purchase from your weekend away?

  8. grandma

    Melody, we all have new handbags – from my 5 day shopping spree in Hong Kong. I took a great deal of time choosing a bag for each girl (and me), 6 in all; when I got home we unpacked the lot and said now choose which one you want. Tracey dived on the red one first, so there you have it. I recommend Hong Kong for bags, glasses and they have the biggest Toys R Us that I have ever seen.

  9. Whoa! The contents of your purse are so clean and tidy! That tells me more about you than the actual objects do.

  10. OOOHHHH…love the shiny red handbag!

  11. I am mesmerized by the video. Is that dress making a come-back? Please don’t say so!

  12. hmmm…. i remember at the time thinking that Clare Grogan was sooo coooool .. but now i’m wondering why??? with that silly thing on her head!! I think there was a lack of shiny surfaces in her house that day!!

  13. I’m sure she’s wearing that frock ironically! You know what I love best about your handbag stash? The fact that you carry a whistle.

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