My Kids are the BEST thing since Chocolate Cake!*

Yesterday we arrived home from our weekend away.

The floors had been vacuumed and washed.

The yard had been mowed.

The verandah was swept and hosed.

The washing was done and folded.

The bathroom was clean.

Dinner was cooked and wating for us.

They rock!

*(I realise that the saying is ‘sliced bread’, but cake is better than bread)


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20 responses to “My Kids are the BEST thing since Chocolate Cake!*

  1. The perfect ending to what I hope was a gorgeous weekend…

    I am putting off going to Coles…

  2. Are you kidding? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Something really bad must hve heppened while you were gone!

  3. You’ve seen Risky Business, haven’t you?

    Everything was perfect when those parents arrived home too.

  4. Cleaning up the evidence is always a dead give away. 😉

  5. M

    Have they just skipped the rebellious teenager thing? If so, how? Please write a tutorial 🙂

  6. I am so impressed.

    You can now sit down the for the next few years, repeating smugly “My work here is done.”

  7. Love your kids!!! It must have been a real rocking party!! But who cares when the place is so clean AND dinner cooked!!! You are right ‘better than chocolate cake’.

  8. Wow. That’s better than having servants! Very impressive.

  9. My first initial response to this post was – uh-oh what did they do?? *heehee* No, I agree, your kids are the best thing since chocolate cake… Now, tell us about your weekend away!

  10. Would they like to come and stay here???? Hope you had a fantastic weekend away.

  11. They do own Guitar Hero now! There could have been hair brush singing and dancing in the skivvies while you were away. But as long as the car is in one piece…. I’d bet that you just have great kids. Okay, I know you have great kids. Now can they come to my place? I would feed them cake in exchange for the above and a few hours of babysitting…

  12. Very very impressive. It’s all in the training.

  13. Can you tell them that I am going away for a couple of weeks in a couple of weeks?

    Just saying…

  14. Pip and Ashleigh can have a party at my house ANY DAY.

  15. h&b

    are you hiring them out ?

    Will this too, happen to me ?

    I need a maid !!

  16. Wow. I am so impressed.

    Would you raise my children? I would like to come home to a tidy home too!

  17. Evidently the apples haven’t fallen far from the tree!

  18. lol about all the comments about something bad happening, we used to clean the house when we did something bad. I can’t wait for my kids to get older and clean for me though

  19. I think you’re right Tracey! I so hope mine are this good when they are as big as yours!

  20. They really ARE better than cake!

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