Sewing Bee

Tonight we are meeting at my place for a late night sewing bee.

All machines are whirring.


We are making these:


Alana’s first ever patchwork – not bad, huh?


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10 responses to “Sewing Bee

  1. Oh my just look at all those sewing machines.
    Well done on your first pattern and good luck with the website, great idea.

  2. Nine patch is the best way to get your feet wet……

  3. grandma

    Did you have chocolate? I am sure that Melodie has sewing bee envy. She is too far away to commute now. Alanna – onward and upward with your quilting projects.

    On another note Suzadoo, the middle one and I went to see AUSTRALIA (the movie) last night. (Tracey was busy as you can see.) It was great. It is sooooooo Australian. I am sure that we laughed where overseas audiences were shocked. It is Australia in the 40s with its prejudices and shameful past out in the front. Some of it was filmed 2 hours from here. The scenery is real. For those of Peppermint’s readers from overseas who see it, you will be able to put a real accent to Australian blogger’s words.

  4. Sharon

    Thanks for a great night Tracey, I really enjoyed myself. Can’t believe I was able to stay up so late…

    I might try and knock this new quilt over this weekend (good excuse to stay in the aircon). See you Monday.

  5. twolimeleaves

    Are you awake yet? Thank you so much! We would have vacummed before we left but the truth is we were too exhausted. We also didn’t want to disturb you . Flo is the only one who stayed the distance!

  6. I had a fabulous time last night. Thanks for everything. I wish I could have lasted until the sun rose but just didn’t have it in me. I did last a lot longer than I expected, though. We’ll have to do it again sometime.

  7. It was a highly productive evening. Well done everyone!

  8. That LOOKS like fun. Sadly, from experience, I know that I suck at it and it is nothing but an exercise in frustration for me. But I do enjoy that you all had fun.

    Rob and I are going to see Australia on Tuesday. I love a period piece, whether literature or film, and the fact that the divine Mr. Hugh Jackman has absolutely NOTHING, I say NOTHING, to do with it!

  9. Sounds like fun!! ….how late was the last one sewing?

  10. Wish I could have been there. I did once make a patchwork cushion cover, log cabin pattern, by hand. But then people sat on it and it wore out. No respect!

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