How can you say I’m shellfish?

My computer is playing up. The internet is dropping in and out. The modem may be cactus.

The whole affair is making me crabby!



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16 responses to “How can you say I’m shellfish?

  1. I love it when people play with words…

  2. It’s Pete I feel sorry for. Bet he never thought you would get a dose of crabs at your age!

  3. Heh 😉 The storms dropped my modem out for a few days…. I thought it was deceased but it rose from the ashes this morning.

    I would pay for a dose of those crabs!

  4. M

    Get a Mac. That’s what I am going to do when mine is cactus. And after I win lotto. They are so pretty and would look fabbo on my white glass desk… aaaah dreams.

    Such a pretty crab.

  5. What a pretty crab….Wait! Shouldn’t those words cancel each other out?

  6. I will never be able to beat Aunty Evil’s comment.

    Boy, those colors really pop together! Looking good.

  7. Aunty Evil is hilarious. Sigh. So glad she’s back.

    That crab is pretty. Prettier than the real thing actually.

  8. I sea ! I sea! Perhaps it was a big breaker….life’s a beach sometimes!

  9. Hey! That looks a lot like me.

  10. Right. I’m coming back as soon as I think of a good crustacean gag.

  11. I went to uni with a girl who whenever the computers were down would scream “THIS HAS RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE!!!”

    She had perspective issues…

  12. I have nominated you for an award. Come on over to Spruce Hill and check it out!

  13. I know what you mean, we have a new wireless router, the old one died, and it keeps loosing the connection for some reason or other. Dives us all crazy.

  14. I won’t forgive Auntie for this one: I’ll never think of crabs the same way ever again. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read Eric Carle’s “Hermit Crab” with a straight face ever again!

  15. It is all looking great Tracey! I am enjoying watching the whole development process!

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