Gutter Guard

This weekend Pip got busy up a ladder.


He checked out places that haven’t been checked for quite a while.


He removed all the leaves from the gutters.


All under the watch of adoring eyes.


He’s growing to be such a good man.


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16 responses to “Gutter Guard

  1. Gosh he looks adorable in that first photo. Gutter-clearing is a good manly skill to have. My Dad could do it but was forgetful about regular maintenance, which meant that every time we had a bucket-ous rain storm he’d have to get out on the roof in the pouring rain and do an emergency clear!

  2. M

    Nice young men attract nice wives, and that’s a good thing for a mother-in-law. Who knows, in your dotage you’ll have Pip and Mrs Pip cleaning your gutters, mowing your lawns, pulling your weeds and cooking your dinners.

  3. Look at the adoring eyes of that puppy dog. Such devotion!

  4. What a lovely boy! You must be so very proud of him.

  5. So that’s what teenagers are for!! I reckon we could train one of our girls to do this in the future!

  6. Dogs know character. Your Pip has tons of it. If you want to hire him out…

  7. What a lovely young man he is!

  8. Can I borrow Pip? My guttering needs cleaning out too.

  9. Now obviously he like this job! Grand smile!!!! Obviously not quite as cold as it is here! 😉

  10. Quite a handsome boy you have! And so very helpful too! I love the picture of his adoring fan! So sweet 🙂

  11. Oh Tracey, you are so lucky. He looks adorable. Like my J when he’s good. x

  12. Here in Tuvalu, the cleaning of the gutters IS the mark of decent manhood. We are proud of your Pip.

  13. I think he should offer some form of on-line tutorial because MasterM has got several notches to go before he starts cleaning gutters. He can make a mean cocktail though.

  14. That boy is growing up to be quite a stunner.

  15. Love your photos, and the dog looking so adoring is great! Pip is growing into a fine young man!

  16. h&b

    I love the faithful dog, tail wagging ! 🙂

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