If you went to primary school in Australia it is likely that you enjoyed the ABC Sing! program. I loved this. Each year we would get a new book of songs, then once a week turn the radio on in the classroom and sing along with our books in front of us.

My head is still filled with snippets of songs that appear from time to time. Songs that I distinctly remember singing while listening to the radio in the classroom.

One song was this one, which has been swirling around in my brain since 1979. If you were at school then it is probably some where in your brain too.

I would sing it to my children when it was time to hurry up, get a move on, get into it.

Now, in the cycle of life, they often sing it to me when they want me to hurry up, get a move on, get on with it.

Youtube, I love you!


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17 responses to “Sing!

  1. Thanks, Tracey. I’ve got that on my brain now … for the rest of the day!
    We used to have lots of fun with the kids singing songs by Peter Combe, and then Don Spencer (Russell C’s father-in-law now). I miss all that!

    Looking forward to the unveiling of the secret project from the post below. Glorious fire engine. Though they’re not called that now are they? Fire unit, or fire-fighting unit, is the ridgy-didge term now, I think. Wussy but.

  2. You have to love all those old songs. In the UK we used to have “Family Favourites” on the radio… great for singing along!

  3. Oh my god I loved “Sing”.

    These are the songs I remember.. and still sing to my kids too of course…

    “Donna donna, donna”


    “Court of King Caracticus”


  4. I’ll add

    “Morning has broken”

    “I’m on the top of the world”


    the one about taking bonny a Scottish prince on a boat – maybe to Skye

    to your list Mary.

  5. Oh Mary, Court of King Caracticus! I forgot that. It has instantly come back into my head now!

    Morning has broken. Yes. Yes!

  6. Oh, my. Is this where the singing group Right Said Fred of “I’m Too Sexy” fame got their name?

    For me in the US it’s School House Rock (my fave, I think you’ll appreciate: and Electric Company (yes, that’s Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno: And a lot of Sesame Street (this will be stuck in your head for days:

  7. Speed bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing
    Onward, the sailors cry
    Carry the lad that’s born to be king
    Over the sea to Skye.

    How spooky you should post this today. On the weekend I cleared a box of things my mum had sent me from Perth. Inside, were my “Let’s Sing” books. 5 of them! Some, no, many of the songs I had forgotten until I flicked through – and now your post!
    Love it.

  8. M

    I loved “sing!” too. In fact in the final year of primary school we graduated from Sing! to Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Diamond because we had a teacher with a 12-string guitar who preferred to play rather than teach. To this day my ipod has Gordon Lightfoot songs.

    Oh, and I love those Lego stop motions. Have you seen “Death Star Canteen”? hillarious.

  9. I loved Sing! too. I remember “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony” and have that one going through my brain regularly.

  10. OOOOHH yes, good song Stomper.

    Ok I’ll go again with

    “Proud Mary”

    “Bound for South Australia”

    “The Gypsy Rover” that one brings a tear to eye. He won the heart of a lady…

  11. Yay, I remember all of these songs too! The one that instantly sprang to mind was ‘Valderi valdera – a knapsack on my back’ or something. Thanks for the wander down memory lane and a giggle.

  12. Oh, I love so many of these! Finally got the right plug-in so I could listen! I Love Gypsy Rover, and Over the Sea to Skye. Another I loved as a child was “If I had A Hammer…..”

  13. Yeah but the Gypsy Rover got a bit old when you heard it continually throughout summer on the crackly speaker of the ice cream van.

    Didn’t stop me from buying an icecream tho! When we could catch him, that was. Why the bloody hell do they have to drive so fast?

    We have one that goes zipping up our street like he is running from the law.

    Actually, in our neighbourhood, maybe he is…

    What about “My Bonny lies over the ocean”. Always thought it was a bit grim as a school song. Mind you, once I figured out that they were saying “Bonny” and not “body” it started to sound a bit better…

  14. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    “Thank you for the music” and “Im being swallowed by a boa constricter” – classics.

    PS Apostrophe Bandit strike’s again!!! Moo hahaha

  15. Swallowed by a boa constrictor? What kind of schools did you people attend?!

    As Beth said, for us it was School House Rock and Electric Company. I can still sing: “I’m just a Bill, on Capitol Hill.” Sung to the tune of “I found my thrill, on blueberry hill.”

  16. I really enjoyed this! Simple things…

    It could be said, however, that some people (eg those who have time to make Lego men do things like that) have too much time on their hands, I feel. Now blogging; that’s not a waste of time, is it?

  17. Wow. I’ve never heard that song; I didn’t understand much of it the first time through either except for the repetition of having a cup of tea! That must be very important!

    I had to chuckle about the Gordon Lightfoot reference; he’s from around here and I have a great CD of his songs performed by a younger guitarist…

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