With Apologies to Vegetarians

Tonight Ashy learnt that convection microwaves and cling wrap do not go together.

We’ve all done this at least once in our lives!

It is an important life lesson…

(sorry blogliners – I decided to take a better photo with our solution in it)


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15 responses to “With Apologies to Vegetarians

  1. hm, bugger.

    no apologies needed… the the universe is conspiring in some small way against meat eaters

  2. So it was KFC all round was it?

  3. M

    Oh yeah, been there plenty. Wrecked a food processor in the microwave too. Dont’ ask, it was ugly and I was cranially challenged on that one. Who knew food processor bowls didn’t like the microwave?

  4. Eeeeek. I once set fire to a bar of chocolate in the microwave – I didn’t realise it would hold its shape even after it was soft so just kept blasting it …

  5. I’m still a complete learner when it comes to the microwave. Never use it, but the kids lurve it.
    Dottycookie’s chocolate story made me laugh out loud!

  6. Microwaves don’t like melamine either. I ruined my Jellystone plate (favorite of course) in the microwave.

  7. What’s pfwaaa?? It’s on the KFC box. I’ve never heard of it!

  8. Huh? I use clingwrap in the microwave All The Time. It’s alfoil you mustn’t use, isn’t it?

  9. It’s the convection bit that is the problem. It heats to normal oven temperatures then just uses microwaves to halve the cooking time. Roast beast in 30-40 mins.

  10. I’m sitting hear in the airport and dreading what they are going to serve me on Continental Airlines (on the way here it was a microwaved pizza!!) … so that doesn’t look too bad! A bit chewy though I bet! 🙂

  11. Ewww.

    Didn’t she learn anything in Paris?

    I hate that glad wrap stuff in the microwave, even the stuff that is supposed to be ok in it. It is so slimy when it comes out, you just have to wonder how much it is poisoning you.

    All is forgiven Ashleigh, if you would just come and cook for me…

  12. Gap years are all about life skills.

  13. A friend of mine blew out a candle and got wax on her spectacles, so put them in the microwave to melt the wax.

    And the titanium frames.

    The optician laughed a lot.

  14. What is/was that?
    I have made my share of foulups too,some which I dare not disclose!

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