Introductions and Dedications

I would like to introduce you to Claire. She has a delightful blog about her life, her quilts, her family and weird things that might show up on an xray. She recently offered me an award, a friendship around the world blog award. She wrote lots of nice words about me. Thanks for that, Claire. Please go and visit her. You won’t be disappointed.

I don’t have an award to give her, but I will put this song right here for her. It is quirky and lovely. I hope you like it.

I also want to dedicate this song to Mary. Listen to the words, Mary, it seems so very applicable and especially poignant right now. For everyone else this song comes with a language warning. Don’t listen if you might be easily offended.

I think we’d all like to live in that lighthouse from time to time.


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11 responses to “Introductions and Dedications

  1. twolimeleaves

    The Lighthouse Song is my current favourite song. It makes me cry. And want to marry Josh Pyke.

  2. M

    Aren’t you just lovely. Love both songs.

  3. Could it be any more appropriate. I am going to send this to J.

    Thank you darling friend for this lovely lovely song.

  4. Wow.
    No one has ever given me a song. I had a goofy smile on my face through all 3 miniutes and 26 seconds of it.
    That’s pretty cool, just as good as an award. Thank you!

    I am yet to embed a you tube clip into one of my posts. I already spend too much time looking at blogs, and don’t want to start browsing you tube, in case I never close the lap top again.

    I will just have to came to you when I need a new song 🙂

  5. Congrats on your award I’ll pop over and visit.

  6. The first song made me laugh and smile, the second made me cry.

  7. Your place is one I can always count on to show me some excellent music, Tracey. Hmmm – Josh Pyke eh? Like him. Like him alot! And lighthouses too.

  8. “Music, always music. Sing along loudly – it’s food for the soul.” Someone very clever said that to me.

  9. Every life has a soundtrack I think! Sometimes rocking, sometimes sad, sometimes goofy. How perfect for these friends.

  10. How nice are you, to dedicate songs to people who have touched your life! Both songs were great, I feel quite sentimental now.

  11. dancingwithfrogs

    Thanks for leaving the link to Claire. I’ve been having a read, and I’ve really enjoyed myself.

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