Queen’s Chamber

At Versaille you can tour the bedrooms of kings and queens.

Tall canopied beds decorated with gold and feathers, where royalty once slept.

Decorated in a style that could never be described as understated,

Nineteen royal French babies were born in this room.

Nineteen babies opened their tiny eyes and saw this ceiling.

Quite a welcome to the world!


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14 responses to “Queen’s Chamber

  1. Isn’t Versaille the best!! How’s the Hall of Mirrors and the gardens – amazing. Keep the photos coming, I’m loving them!

  2. Stunning. How amazing is all that gold? Stunning!

  3. Finally getting around to catching up – Ash is home, you of course are home, there is obviously something very exciting afoot with your quilting and oh yes

    the photos are glorious – I mean to catch up with you on Flickr as well – just have to read all the blog updates first!

  4. I don’t think I’d be able to open up and push the baby out in that room, frankly. It’s a bit too posh for the lies of me.

    Stunning photos and thank you for showing me Versailles, I’ve always wanted to go there.

  5. M

    You know there is something about visiting Versailles as an adult. You have made an excellent point about all the royal babies. As a fifteen year old I just ran around thinking ‘yeah yeah gold gold lotsa statues, man it’s big’. I’m sure as an adult I would be a far more thoughtful visitor. Still remember it ‘though. Loved the gardens too.

  6. I’m with Stomper. I’d hate to soil the linens and all. The rooms are also a bit echoey.

    Marvelous place, though.

  7. Versailles is my favorite castle ever! After it, all other castles pale in comparison! The grandeur of Versailles! I’m so glad you had the chance to visit it! (I was disappointed with the movie, Marie Antoinette, as I didn’t think it successfully captured Versailles’ beauty!)

  8. Lavish — but my pedestrian/plebeian brain immediately thought about the poor sods who had to clean it all and keep it shiny. Vive la revolution!

  9. Just amazing!!!! And I was happy to just have a room to my self when I had my little people 🙂 !

  10. h&b

    i’m here .. i’m finally here !
    ( sorry for neglecting you – you do know it’s personal, don’t you ? ;p )

    Didn’t get to go to Versailles, so thanks for the peek .. I love palaces and historic residences .. *sigh*

    But yeah, give me the cold white room with the epidural thanks.
    ( God, how did womone do it ? )

  11. h&b

    womone ?

    women, natch

  12. Nineteen babies opened their tiny eyes and saw this ceiling…and nineteen babies’ first thoughts were, “Man. Pass me my sunglasses.”

  13. Reblogged this on lovelyseasonscomeandgo and commented:
    what a lovely period and era

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