An Unscheduled Outage

My apologies for my absence. I have no particular reason for taking a week away, a few things have meant a delay in blogging. I could list them here, but they just sound like whinging. Basically arriving home from a seventeen day power holiday after a thirty-six hour journey at 1pm on a Sunday, then presenting two seminars on a new computer system beginning at 8:30am the next day is not conducive to jet lag recovery.

I have been asleep at a very early hour each day. This is most unusual for me. Generally I manage my sleep requirements very well and actually feeling tired is so peculiar that it scares me! Now, however, I have had a few days off and am once again feeling on top of my life. (HA! That makes it sound like I’m organised.)

I have a few tasks to do before I begin to actually feel organised. I have several thousand photographs to review. Most days in France I took roughly five hundred photos. I have now transferred them from the laptop to my computer. They look even better on this screen! Once I have been through them I need to join flickr and post those that are worthy.

Ashleigh has arrived home safe and sound. She has begun working in a coffee shop and will continue for the next few months until universtiy begins.

Pip has begun playing indoor soccer. His first sport since his surgery. He has had one game and enjoyed it so much that it was a delight.

All in all life feels balanced and even, and I like that.


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13 responses to “An Unscheduled Outage

  1. All sounds good. Life, it seems, is getting back to normal for your clan.


  2. Ah, glad you got some mojo back! Glad Ashy is home safe and what great news about the Pip’s sport.

    You know you’re going to need a Flickr “Pro” account don’t you?

  3. Happy for you that life feels good! I could do with some of your balance right now.

  4. Hi Tracey. Things do sound like they normalising for you. 500 photos a day – you are sure to have some “keepers” in that lot πŸ™‚

  5. Don’t apologize for taking a rest – you deserved it!

  6. Balanced and even sounds good to me, and I’m glad you have your family back around you!

  7. M

    A balanced life is a good life. Love the flower. I’m still feeling jet-lagged from the change-over to daylight saving her in the southern states…

  8. normalacy..sigh, aint it wonderful!

  9. Phew…I was starting to worry that you got lost on the way home.
    I can relax now.

  10. Isn’t it just perfect to have everyone around you and under the one roof … the way it is meant to be πŸ™‚

  11. Glad to read that all are well and returning to routine! Great news that Pip is starting to play sports again! Go, Pip, go!

  12. Glad that things are settling for all.
    How nice that Pip is playing sport after his op.
    Lovely that Ashleigh is safely home again.

  13. It certainly sounds like you are back to normal, together, family life. Enjoy!

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