is not good.

Jetlag is not fun.

I am not entirely certain that my head and my body are in the same place.

I think about this now, but have forgotten it already.

I must remember that, but I don’t know what it is.

AND I wish that the world would STOP swaying.

Travel is great, it would be so much better if you could do it without travelling.


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17 responses to “Jetlag…

  1. M

    Sounds like you’re home. Welcome home! All of you.

  2. Welcome back.

    I agree with your opine of jet lag. I wish rocket travel were available. Or a ‘beam me up scotty’ device. Or stonger drugs.

  3. Welcome home, that seemed to go so fast. Here’s your 8 hours back, well it’s actually only seven because of daylight saving but I’ll give that other hour back to you in March Cxxx

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Been following your trip and it sounds like you’ve had an amazing time.

  5. Oh man, I hear what you are saying!

    Glad you made it home safe and sound…with Ashleigh close behind. Celebration at your house this weekend?

  6. No teleporter available, eh? I feel for you.

  7. Jetlag is the worst feeling…

    Hope your trip was all you dreamed of – thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. I’ve always wanted to be like “I Dream of Jeanie” so that I could blink and arrive at my travel destination without having to go through the aches/pains of travelling. They say it’s the journey. I say it’s the destination.

  9. Love and absolutely second that last line. But when your head and your body decide to re-unite, and the world stops swaying, I’m sure it will all have been worth it! Glad you’re safely home…..

  10. Welcome home. I find travelling between Melbourne and Perth hard…so my sympathies are with you.

  11. So good to have you home.

    So bad that you are jetlagged – it is horrendous!

  12. Maureen’s bit about blinking and getting you there instantly clicks with me. I love the destinations, hate the journeys.

  13. I’ve traveled a bit, but not enough to really feel it…but K did a job once that took him around the globe and back in 33 days and it took him a little over a month to feel normal again. He was lost in his days – it was hard to watch and I feel for you. (But not too much as you got a breathtaking trip out of it!)

  14. That after-rock is the only drawback to travel!

  15. Hello! Glad you are back safely. I have been following your travels. Sounds like you had a FAB FAB time!! x

  16. Very pleased you are home! And there must be someone else there too by now???

  17. Welcome home, and happy birthday to beautiful Ashleigh.

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