Eighteen is a very good age

Today we visited the Champagne region of France. We saw the grapes growing.

It takes a combination of three particular grapes to make champagne.

We took a tour of the Mercier Champagne caves. These are vast labyrinths carved with pickaxes in chalk beneath the city of Epernay. This one was more than eighteen kilometres of tunnels that were 150 years old.

Down here it is always ten degrees and ninety percent humidity. The perfect conditions to age a bottle of fine champagne. Some of these bottles are aged for forty-five years before being made available for sale.

What a fabulous place to celebrate your 18th birthday.

Happy birthday beautiful Ashleigh.

Eighteen is a very good age.


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22 responses to “Eighteen is a very good age

  1. That is indeed a most excellent place to celebrate an 18th birthday!

    Happy birthday Ashleigh.

  2. twolimeleaves

    Happy Birthday! You look so happy and beautiful 🙂

  3. Wow. And isn’t your daughter beautiful? Good genes.

  4. Happy birthday to Ashleigh, and congratulations to the proud parents on doing such a fine job. What a memorable way to celebrate the 18th. I think your girl will be wonderful at any age.

  5. Aunty Evil

    Oh wow she looks like you in that photo!!

  6. Happy Birthday Ashleigh – what a memorable day for you all.

  7. Happy Birthday Ashleigh – the world is waiting for you – lucky World!

    p.s. we have been to those caves – it was such fun to travel around in the tiny train. We bought champagne, of course, but I am not sure how many bottles made it home.

  8. M

    Turning 18 in France? How magic!

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh! You won’t forget that in a hurry. However, imagine explaining that away to your children. “Yes, I know I celebrated my 18th in France, but…”

  9. Nic Bridges

    Thankyou for allowing me to vicariously enjoy your travels – it has been wonderful! Happy birthday to Ashleigh, surely an unforgettable way to celebrate it. And OMG doesn’t she look like her Mum!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Ashleigh. You look beautiful!

  11. How lovely! Happy Birthday – eighteen is indeed a good age to be!

  12. Happy 18th birthday Ashleigh. As others have said you will never forget turning 18 en France avec votre parents.

    Et champagne!

  13. Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!!!! Now what are you going to do for your 21st to top this?????????

  14. Certainly is a great place to celebrate a birthday.
    We did similar travels through the area last year?… or the year before?….. Beautiful part of France anyway!

  15. Oooo Mary! I understood every word of your french. Happy Birthday Ashleigh. I’d say it in french, but I don’t know how.

  16. Oh my goodness Ashleigh is a beautiful young woman. I cannot believe how much she looks like you in this photo Tracey.

    And what a place and a way to celebrate your 18th. She (& you) will always remember where you were and what you did for her 18th birthday.

  17. Bonne fete, Ashleigh! Quelle belle endroit pour passer votre 18e anniversaire!

  18. Lisa

    I thought I saw a double – Ashy is much more like you everyday Tracey.. you probably says yes but not much..When you are Ashy’s age I would say twins…Happy Birthday Ashy…Enjoy the rest of your holidays

  19. Happy belated birthday to a lovely girl.

  20. h&b

    Happy Birthday Ashleigh, and Congrats and Backslaps all round to whomever wants to receive them for doing a good job so far :p

    And … is it the pic, the age, or recent life experience .. but may I say …. you’ve changed

    And not in a “OMG – ugh!” way, i’d like to clarify ..
    dig a hole for yourself h&b…


    I’m so freakin’ old, i’m saying crap things like some old Aunty Edna that everyone rolls their eyes at before turning away discretely to giggle.

    And yes, i’m catching up with a wine. What of it ?

  21. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Ashleigh.

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