Bienvenue a Pithon

Welcome to Pithon (say pit-on)!

This tiny village of just one hundred people has been home to Ashleigh for all of 2008.

It is the sort of place where poppies grow wild on the side of the road.

Where apples, corn and sugar beets are grown.

Where sheep, cows and chickens stand in the afternoon to feed in the fields.

Where the railway station has been converted to a home…

because the railway bridge was bombed during the second world war and never repaired.

Where a wide human-made canal that once had huge draught horses dragging barges of freight is now the perfect pathway for an afternoon stroll.

Where flowers grow in everyone’s garden. (just as a very vain aside…I think this may be the best photo I have ever taken)

This place is her home for just one more week. Next week she will leave here and return to us in Australia. We are so glad that we were able to come and see it through her eyes for just a little while.


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7 responses to “Bienvenue a Pithon

  1. It is a long way and a lot different to Townsville hey? It is good you were able to see where she has been and stayed during her months away.

    I agree about that pic. Wonderful!

  2. Perfection. She will hold these memories in her heart forever.

  3. Lovely photos! I particularly love the one with Ashleigh wearing typical French apparel (the Disney sweatshirt ~ wink!)

  4. So good to be able to see where Ash has been these past months – and well done on capturing it for us with your lovely photos.

  5. h&b

    Cool pics !

    And Ashleigh looks like Ashleigh here .. see, I read and post on neglected blogs from most current to oldest.

    And now i’ve visited the blog, I see my Python joke was stupid.

    Not that it was funny to begin with.

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