The Date

I sat in a comfortable chair in the lobby…

beneath ambient light…

clutching a gift.

Our dates arrived promptly and with much excitement. They took us to a cavern of a bar, known to have been frequentled by other Australians.

After our drink we sat at the top of a double decker bus…

and travelled to our next London location.

We nearly lost Ashy on the way…

but that train had already left.

We ate dinner in the most amazing space…

and did that thing that bloggers do when they meet in real life. We talked comfortably, as though we had already been in the middle of a conversation, as though we had met a million times, as though we knew each others’ minds.

Our hosts were thoughtful and gracious and kind. They shared their knowledge and passion for this place. They knew of our area of Australia without even realising it. Thanks to this man.

Perhaps one day they can visit us for dinner… we promise not to serve witchety grubs though!


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14 responses to “The Date

  1. Love love love that you met Mrs and Mr Magpie.

    And jealous.

    Ahhhh Gordons – such a great place!

  2. M

    Gosh there have been blogmeets all over the planet in the last couple of weeks. Must be something in the air!

    Doesn’t Ashleigh look the sophisticated young European lady!

  3. Such fun to meet you all and discover that it felt as though we had always known each other. The only sadness was how quickly the evening was over knowing that within days you would be back at the other side of the world.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful roses which sit on my dressing table – almost as evidence that it DID happen – we really did meet you!

  4. I just want to say Ashleigh, that is a brilliant coat. Love it. Brings to mind the great coat debate of 08 that was hashed out prior to your trip.

    What a lovely trip you all are having! Might I add that I’m enjoying tagging along?

  5. sprucehillfarm

    I am very jealous that you got to meet Alice!

    I love all of your pictures you have taken on your trip. The view out of your window is breathtaking!

  6. How simply wonderful! Love the shots and the way your posed this post!

  7. How fun that you got to meet each other! I’m so excited to take my littlies to London when we return at Christmas time.

  8. I’ve followed your trip with much envy, but was most excited by Platform 9 3/4. Is that weird??

  9. Now that’s what I call a date! Isn’t Alice wonderful?

  10. Oh how lovely lovely that you met! I too am jealous but happy.

    And frequentled is a fantabulous word.

  11. Glad to read you had a lovely time in the UK! Timing for weather was just right too!

  12. What a great night. And yes, Melinda, I too had a flashback to the great coat debate. Glad to see the debate ended with such a stylish resolution.

  13. I am entranced that there is a signpost for platform 9 and 3/4. Wish I could take Climber to it!

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