La Louvre

We spent some time exploring the halls of the Louvre. I must say, and sorry if this makes me ignorant, that I was more taken with the building than with the art. The castle must have been magnificent in its prime.

We moved quite quickly through the museum to our targets – the Mona Lisa


and Venus de Milo.

She is indeed beautiful.

Although Ashy noticed that she has large, flat and rather manly feet just like yours, Pip.

Just imagine what her hands must have looked like if she still had them.


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5 responses to “La Louvre

  1. M

    There really is no getting close to the Mona Lisa is there! I love Le Louvre. As a 15 year old I got in severe trouble for standing too close to a Sarcophagus in the Egyptian section. And I mean real close.

  2. Kylee

    A truly wonderous place. The Winged Victory of Samothrace was where I had my photo taken. How beautiful she was too…headless and all.

  3. I recall spending most of my time in the Louvre staring at the ceilings and barely noticing the art! I’m glad it’s not just me!

  4. h&b

    I got lost – am I the only one that found the place hideously confusing in signposting ? I didn’t get to see the Venus de Milo .. but like you, lucky I was more impressed with the building itself.

    There *were* extensive renos when we were there, but in any case … ugh! … we just wandered around and tried to find stuff on our own in the end.

    I bought some TinTin books from the giftshop *blush*


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