La Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower is the ultimate symbol of Paris. Immediately recognised, a beacon for tourists to the city. By day it is magnificent – especially in the weather that we were lucky enough to enjoy.

By night it takes on a whole new dimension. Right now it is lit up in an eerie blue to represent the European Union.

This is the enduring image that we will take with us from our days in Paris.

Today we flew into London. We have already been way up high on the London Eye. Tomorrow we begin to explore the streets.

PS I haven’t even shown you my Louvre shots, it might have to be two posts on one day today…


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13 responses to “La Tour Eiffel

  1. I will keep those images of the blue Eiffel Tower in my mind too now.

    Enjoy London!

  2. I’ve only seen it by day (many many years ago!). It looks quite splendid by night.

    Can’t believe you did the London Eye, you brave girl.

  3. So lovely. I can’t wait to see more! The Louvre surely deserves its own post.

  4. Lisa

    You have done Paris proud and now you are in London.. Good to see you to pop on London Eye it is more worse than on the plane for hours – it is so magnificent you can see everything should you love it even it made you dizzy but glad to put my foot in..Now dont you miss everything in London like Tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Piccadilly Circus, St Paul’s Catherdral, Stonehedge and of course underground train and double deck bus…. sorry still blah, blah…dont want you to miss it out…are you going to somewhere else after the London Tour? Enjoy the rest of the tour

  5. Beautiful shots Tracey… The Eiffel Tower really is something isn’t it? It is hard to believe it when you are standing under it that you are there. That’s the way I feel anyway.

    And London. Wow. I’m a London girl at heart. Enjoy your time there and if you bump into my sister make sure you say a big ‘G’Day’ from me! *heehee* (She works near the Modern Tate.)

  6. Bleu! Magnifique!

    In London,you might walk past my 35 year old lovely son without even knowing . Sigh.

  7. Kylee

    Ooooh yes….I really do like the blue! Make sure Uncle Pete takes you to a pub to try out some “real” bangers and mash. It will be a great carb load for all that walking you’ll be doing.

  8. M

    The Eiffel Tower is magnificent dressed in its lights. I was last in Paris in 1989, the 100th anniversary of the tower. That year it was lit every night with “100 ans” down its length. Beautiful.

  9. Still waiting. Darn those asian typhoons. Spending a whole day (7.30 am to midnight) at Hong Kong airport and my 5 nights in Paris are now 4. Still it was better than trying to fly in with a typhoon raging. We left home on Tuesday at lunchtime and will arrive in Paris Thursday at 6.30 am. Joy, joy. The sights of Paris will be waiting, I know, but will the weather? See you next week

  10. Enjoy London! It’s impossible to even start suggesting places to visit, and I’m sure you have your itinerary all set. Looking forward to more photos!

    I was far too much of a coward to venture up the Eiffel tower when last in Paris (hark at me!), but it is an amazing structure, isn’t it?

  11. Wow!! those pics are completely stunning!! x

  12. Grandma

    For Kylee – Tracey wouldn’t eat a sausage – ever – she would starve first, wouldn’t you, sweetheart.

  13. Goodness, you have lovely children. It’s so nice to see you together with Ashy again. Have a good time in London, though personally I think Edinburgh’s a lot nicer…

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