Well, We Walked and We Walked and We Walked

Last night we each slept for twelve hours. This is the true sign of a good holiday! Over the past few days we have walked and walked and walked through the streets of Paris.

The leaves on the trees are noticing the first hints of winter and beginning to fall.

We held hands down the Champs Elysees…

We ate beautiful pastries…

We got caught taking self-portraits in the lift and had to pretend that we were mature…

We walked the castle…

and gardens of Versailles…

We climbed the fifty thousand steps to the Sacre Coeur with fifty thousand other people…

We watched a lady whistle along to a herdy-gerdy at Montmarte…

No wonder we were tired!

Check this dude out, Pip. Not only does he have to suffer the embarrassment of being carved naked, but he has the added humiliation of having a pigeon on his head!

Sacre Bleu!


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17 responses to “Well, We Walked and We Walked and We Walked

  1. So so fantastic to see these photos of you and yours looking so happy and enjoying that beautiful city!

    Hello Pip – that statue is quite something!

  2. Beautiful pictures that have taken me back to Paris but best of all was that fabulous one of you all in the lift! Priceless!

  3. Oh my goodness no wonder you slept so soundly, all that sight seeing, so exhausting, but so wonderful.

  4. M

    Are you sure you squeezed enough into your day? I think tomorrow you will really have to up your cadence.

  5. Good for you, making the most of your time AND getting 12 hours sleep.

  6. That’s the only way to find your way around…..Walking….With the added benefit of being able to stop when you want, explore that interesting alley, eat when and where you want, and all with the people you most want to be with! Hope you all continue to have a great time…..The one thing I regret not going to see when we lived in Belgium was Monet’s house and gardens at Giverny……If you would go there for me [I think you’d find it a treat yourself too!] and post pictures, you’d have a friend for life! I think it’s not too far from Paris….

  7. Have I told you how much I’m enjoying your trip to Paris? It is so lovely. Love that elevator shot. I’m sure you people are maturity (in the wise, not old sense) personified.

  8. Oh do what Molly said – I regreted not going to Monet’s garden in 2000 but as you know I made the trek with my own Monet this year. Her and I *still* talk about it. I have desires to return…

    Paris is great for walking. Try doing all that walking pushing a stroller.

    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. I am very happy for you! Keep the posts rollin’…

  9. Oh, I’m having so much fun touring Paris with you. That statute is an absolute cack. Humiliation in stone.

  10. Sniggering at the statue. Wonderful photos.

  11. grandma

    Thanks for the email. Our lack of any French language is a little daunting, but I am hoping that my deaf sign language will translate into mime; I know the French understand that! Cairns tonight, Hong Kong tomorrow night (sans bed) and Paris the next morning. Can you tell that we are just a little excited. Imogen offered to tell her Daddy to give us the orange car because her seat fits in that. When I said, sorry we are going by plane, she said that that was good because she liked going up very high in the air. Neither she nor Joe understand anyone leaving. See you in San Quentin on the 1st. Love you.

  12. With all those calories you are burning off climbing stairs and walking, make sure you eat! Just avoid steaks (unless you like them virtually raw) as the French have no concept of “bien cuit”!

  13. Lisa

    Grandma – Hope you success with sign language – mine was failed but never mind…Grandad are you learning how to sign language as well??.. Let me know how you go with the French people. Tracey,Pete & Ashy..enjoy the rest of it because you will feel it is not enough.. need more to stay and want to learn something different like I did…I only stay for a week and felt not enough..doesnt matter because am returning back to tour it again in 2010..if am still alive by then. Have fun Cheers

  14. Oh you are making me SO envious with your delightful Paris pictures and stories!
    It’s a good thing I like you!

  15. Kylee

    It is so wonderful to see you enjoying this experience together. Safe travels to you all. Keep up the hand holding, Uncle Pete and the bag carrying, Belle and the photo whoring (I really like that!). Tracey I hope that belly has settled as there should be no such thing as a safe pastry. Take care. Love from us all here! xxxx

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