First Days In Paris

We have made it safely to Paris, although several times during the 24 hours in the air I thought we would NEVER make it! I am embarrassed to say that one of the first things that I did on arrival was vomit – a lot. In the Aussie vernacular, I spewed my guts up. All that flying, then driving into Paris in the back seat of Ashleigh’s Host mother’s car. Luckily we had a plastic bag from the duty-free shopping we had done.

This is the hotel that my Pete selected for us…

He wanted to stay somewhere typical of the country. He made a fantastic choice. We are staying in the very top window – where the walls are the roof so they angle in.

This is the view from our window

How cool is that? At night La Tour Eiffel is lit up with sparkly blue lights. I can see it while laying in bed. Parfait!

We have been up the tower.

My Pete and Ashy went right to the top. I did not – after the previously mentioned vomiting incident I decided that the second level was enough for me.

We have taken the metro. My Pete and Ashy decided the route after serious discussions.

We visited Notre Dame.

It is amazingly detailed – inside and out.

We visited the Louvre, but we haven’t been inside yet. We just walked around the exterior.

Ashleigh has done a lot of this..

She calls it camera whoring. She’s a charmer! It obviously doesn’t impress my Pete!

But it takes a great photo…

It is fantastic to be together.


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28 responses to “First Days In Paris

  1. grandma

    It looks so good. It doesn’t look too cold, is it? We are both getting very excited. Only 4 more sleeps.

  2. Lisa

    Are you going to Paris Grandma too? It should not be cold in Paris for this season..probaby am wrong about the season…last time I went was in December very very cold

  3. I’m a bit green too, but it isn’t travel sickness, she says enviously.
    Enjoy your 17 days; may it all go smoothly and be everything you wish it to be with some nice surprises as well.The photos tell a wonderful story for those of us not there.
    What a fantastic experience for you all. Safe journey back.

  4. Peta (aka the Apostrophe Bandit)

    I so love that you vomited. I shouldve told you to take put peppermint oil on a hanky and sniff sniff sniff. Thats how I made it through Europe with only a few vomit’s. Get some if you can. Pete is the best hotel picker ever.

    I want Ashys coat.

    Pip is doin good. The poor boy has to listen “Where Pippy go?” everytime he leave’s the room but hes not being harassed too much yet.

    Now that you are in France I think you should blog everything with “la” or “le”.

  5. It looks like you are having an amazing time! Enjoy!

  6. twolimeleaves

    From now on Pete chooses all of OUR hotels as well!!
    You spewing ALMOST makes me feel less jealous, but not quite.

    Why did that last photo make me feel all teary? It must be because you just belong together.

  7. Magnifique! Great photos! That Pete is a champion hotel picker—what a view! And, I never realised before, but your daughter is the image of you Miss Tracey. Have a great time, and keep the updates coming so we can continue to drool…..

  8. I loved this post, the descriptions, the photographs, the feel behind the scene. I am sorry you vomited, I would have too.

  9. Kate

    Glad you’re having such a lovely time. Love the photos, that hotel looks fabulous.

  10. Oh I got a bit teary at the last photo too. Your Ashleigh is so beautiful, is she fighting off the French men?

    Your hotel looks perfect, and your shot of Notre Dame belongs in an artbook!

    Keep having fun!

  11. Wonderful view. Wonderful to see you 3 together too.
    So sorry about your flying experience!

  12. This post has brought tears to my eyes!! I am soooo happy for you all – to be reunited with Ashleigh, to be in Paris, seeing the sights!!! Wow. Wonderful. Simply wonderful (and ever so jealous!) Fantastic photos – oh the love!!!

    And don’t worry about the spewin’ your guts up. When we were returning and jetting into Cairns I felt positively sick and thought I was going to chuck…

  13. Lovely! First I got to tour Paris with Mary and now with you! So beautiful. Is Peta trying to make you homesick with her apostrophes? Wishing you “not cold” weather.

  14. Such great pictures! Love that one of Ashleigh poking her tongue out.

    Hope the illness has well and truly passed now.

  15. I can hardly believe this but I have stayed in that hotel! Right opposite the Eiffel Tower abot 12 years ago! Looks like you’re having a fab time!

  16. Look at the three of you!
    Your beautiful family…and Pip, just down there a bit…

    Remind me to tell you my Notre Dame story. It’s funny as HELL.

  17. Oh fantastic! You are taking us on holidays with you!!!!!! Too perfect for words!

  18. M

    Wow, a great looking location for a hotel! looks like you’re all havign a ball, vomitting aside.

    Fairlie and I had a fab weekend by the way.

  19. Oh oh oh!

    Looks so wonderful …


  20. Great to see your pics. I had the same problem with Eiffel tower but my parents insisted I go to the top. I cried all the way up and down. x

  21. I’ve happily read your last 2 posts! Sounds like a fab time, aside from the vomiting. If there’s any consolation, I too was sick when last in Paris and didn’t go to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Great hotel picking, Petey! Sightsee away!!

  22. How fantastic to actually see you on your holiday! I absolutely love the hotel and what a super photo to have with your girl. Enjoy!!

  23. Wonderful pictures! I’m so glad the three of you are having such a beaut time. Keep posting!

  24. It looks just perfect – and as for that last picture! Well, it brought a tear to my eye. Lovely.

  25. In my experience, it’s just not a holiday unless there are a few vomitting stories.

  26. So sorry about the upset tummy! I’m enjoying your shots, though. They’re lovely and evocative. I envy you your trip.

  27. h&b

    and what is *your* camera, Mrs ?

    Curious, because I see him in the last pic..

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