A Post to Pippy

I miss you most beautiful boy. I miss your hugs and your easy laugh. I miss you noticing anything that is slightly offbeat. I’m sure that you are being fabulous company at Peta’s house and that Chelsea and Jojo are loving that you are sleeping there for two and a half weeks.

I hope that you are remembering to wake up on time each morning. Don’t forget to wash you hair every couple of days and make sure that you don’t leave your dirty socks all over Peta’s house.

Please feed the dogs and the fish each day. Check that the dogs have clean water – make sure no toads have jumped into their dishes. Feed dad’s fish, but don’t overfeed the big oscars – they just make a mess of the tank if you do. The bins go out on the footpath on a Thursday night, can you bring them back in on Friday morning.

Check your email – I will send you some. You can send one to me too if you like. (This is all you ever need to do to please your mother.) I’ll send you a text message when the plane lands in Paris and if I see anything that you would like.

Enjoy your holiday at Peta’s house. Go to the movies, ride your bike, read some books and help out wherever you can. These seventeen days will go quickly, then you can come to pick me up at the airport. I’ll have a bag full of gifts for you. I know you’ll have lots of stories to tell me. I know they’ll be funny and that I’ll laugh with you at every one of them.

I love you. I miss you. Be good, I know you will be, you always are. I’ll see you very soon. I’m looking forward to it.


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9 responses to “A Post to Pippy

  1. grandad

    While you are at it, build a fence, dig a dam and make sure that the sun comes up. On the subject of the apostrophe (which we were not on) I think that the apostrophe pales into insignificance when compared to the split infinitive. They are everywhere. For example tonight. The commentator says “yes, he has kicked that high into the air into the breeze. It is holding up and the fullback has to come forward to catch it in the end” Think about the talent that takes. It was a large football too.

  2. It’s OK Tracey – all his aunts , real and honorary , will keep an eye on him from near and far.

    He IS a lovely boy your Pip.

  3. *sob sob* Such a mother post. And why not?

    Pip, we’re here if you need us. And whilst you can, with your folks out of the country – do what you want!! *I’m joking Tracey – joking!*

  4. grandad

    I picked him up from school – with a Kit Kat. He had done all yesterday’s jobs and was fine. He really laughed at Peta’s apostrophe blog to you. Cracked him right up. He was busy planning what you will buy him for Christmas, too, so I think he is okay. He is the most casual, adaptable, calm kid, ever. Sultana said that she will be over on the week-end to take him to the movies. Enjoy yourselves and love to Ashy.

  5. Your dad rocks.

    Love your post to Pippy. Even if I might have had a sniffle or too. Melody is right… such a Mom post.

  6. So. It looks like mothers and sons are, and how they relate to one another, are the same the world over…..That grandad is a hoot!

  7. grandma

    Sorry, that second post was me. I just forgot to change his name.

  8. Lisa

    Aww..Cute Pip..Poor Pip to have a worry mommy that he dont do his jobs…Pip you can leave jobs at the last mintue before they returned.. it works but better not listen to me.. Better to do your jobs so Grandma can give you Kit Kat every day. Enjoy your jobs and Kit Kats

  9. GOd you make me cry every time! I didn’t realise it was going to be a ‘grown ups’ holiday!!!!!!!!!! How cool! And very grown up! 🙂

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