Bon Voyage

Tomorrow morning at 6am we depart from Townsville. It will be another thirty-two hours until our feet hit French soil. Thirty-two hours without a bed or a pillow. Thirty-two hours without a proper warm shower. Thrity-two hours without a proper meal.

Thirty-two hours until I stand with my baby. Thrity-two hours until we watch her fluently translating what is happening around us. Thirty-two hours until she shows us around her France.

It may be some time until I post again. It may be some time until I read your posts again. Please try not to do anything interesting, or dramatic, or funny for the next little while. I don’t want to miss out on anything…


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28 responses to “Bon Voyage

  1. Eat some chocolate for me. And say a few ugly words in french… then act like you have no clue what you said.

    Is that Joe? Because it breaks my heart to imagine him missing you!

  2. ashyinfrance

    It’s not 32 hours. It’s 24. You can only count the time that you have been on the plane, as the actually time of the flights because technically those are the correct amounts of time that you have been on the plane for!

    It is 32 hours yes, but you can’t count the time difference. It’s not France’s fault that it is behind Australia. You are not on the plane for 32 hours. You are on it for the flight duration only. You donne-moi minerva. That extra eight hours is simply borrowed time that you are on. It doesn’t count.

  3. It is eight hours. It exisits. It is being counted.

    Yes it is Joe. He’s watching Ashy’s plane arrive when she came home in July. It is a sad photo to me, but he was so happy to see Ashy when she got off the plane.

  4. I would definitely count the eight hours – those waiting times can seem interminable when all you want is to be THERE!

    Tracey – have a wonderful wonderful time. I will be thinking of you and cannot wait to see your photos and read of your impressions when you get back to us all.


  5. Have a wonderful trip – I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. ashyinfrance

    But it doesn’t count! You can’t notice the eight hours because they aren’t really there. Technically they don’t exist. It’s just a system set up to make sense. So you can’t count them.

    You are on a plane for twenty four hours. That is how long your flight is. You then have eight hours taken away from your Australian time. So you can’t count the eight hours because you’re going back in time anyway.

  7. Oh – that’s a shame! I’m meeting some Australians in London – it should be fantastic fun and I am really, really looking forward to it – but I’ll cancel if you say so…

  8. Have a safe trip y’ll and I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about it…

  9. Have a safe and happy trip…that is either 24 or 32 hours long. (But I’m with Ashy – you’re not on the plane for 32 hours – it is a 24 hour long plane trip. *heehee*)

  10. BAH! Watch your step…you may be banned Melody for siding with the stubborn child!

  11. While your enjoying all that French stuff I plan on doing a whole lot of awsome things~ yep, just loads and loads that you will be missing out on….well, ok. I let you know of at least one of em, I will be trying to dry out my soaking wet shoes from the stupid torrential rainfall we just had. Awsome eh!?

  12. grandma

    Spare a thought for the two left behind – Peta and Soozadoo. No Tracey, no Grandma, for two whole weeks, but then, great excitement because they get Ashy back. Don’t worry about Joe, Melinda, because he gets Pip to stay at his house for 2 weeks and that’s sooooo exciting. Chelsea has big plans!

  13. Safe trip =
    safe home, and lots of fun in between!

  14. I think Ashy is right and very funny. Do you want me to mind those 8 Australian hours for you while you’re flying? Before I go to sleep I will say these hours are being put aside for Tracey who is after all not a maths teacher and I will give them back to you when you return.

    Also, not that I don’t want to oblige you in every way oh darling French chocolate bringer, but if we can’t have too much fun while you’re away living it up in France then I think that is not fair!

    Can you haul Soozadoo off her arse while you’re away and get her to blogsit for you? She can tell us what you’re up to AND come and comment on our blogs on your behalf. Hopefully you will still have some blogfriends left when you return.

    Have a gorgeous fabulous, safe and happy trip sil vous plait. I will miss you!


  15. (She can tell us what she’s up to too.)

  16. Oh, the anticipation! I’ll stay away from that minefield of debate on travel hours! I will remind you to load up on that fresh french bread, the amazing pasteries, the awesome chocolate, the delectable fresh fruits/veggies and don’t forget the wines & champagnes! If you get into Belgium, try the raspberry beer ~ amazing and I don’t like beer!

    You will have a fabulous time! I am planning on having a give-away in your absence (as it is celebrating my 100th post) so will pop your name in my give-away draw hat as I know you are in blogland in spirit!

    Bon voyage! Happy jet-lag!

  17. Have a great trip….and don’t forget to buy lots of French fabric!

  18. M

    Have fun! If you’re flying through and/or over Sydney don’t forget to wave!

  19. Hope you have a fabulistic time! x

  20. twolimeleaves

    *sniff* bye *sniff*

  21. Lisa

    Wow ready to fly off to France wheneither it is a 32 or 24 hrs… Can I give you my advice…do not counting until you land. Do not miss the Effiel Tower or Louvre ( art gallery – every pictures are about Jesus and his disciples) but finally saw Lisa Mona with her famous tiny mouth,and of course the Disneyland. Enjoy the trip and now start the counting before you depart haha it is 56 hours from now on… sorry I gave you my advice. Cheers

  22. I am with you – count the Door to Door time!!!
    If you have 8 hours stop over somewhere ie. Singapore they have great showers and a pool at the airport!

    have a fantastic trip – can’t wait to see all the photographoc evidence!!!

  23. Ooooo what Stomper said!

  24. Ohhhh I am so sorry that I missed you! I know that you know that I wish you well! Have a safe trip my friend! See you soon! I will miss you!

  25. Peta

    Im just go’na abuse apostrophe’s for a whole two week’s and theres nothing you can do to s’top me

  26. tracey petersen

    Checking my blog from Singapore airport. You stop that right now, Peta!

  27. Oh, Peta, whoever you are – you make me grue (as we say in Scotland).

    Have a lovely time with your lovely daughter. It’s so bad when children go away and so wonderful to get them back.

    I can guarantee not to do anything interesting in your absence. Unless you count marking. No. Neither do I.

  28. grandma

    Isabelle, Peta is Tracey’s sister, can’t you tell? No one else would take such liberties. Tracey is oldest, then Peta, then Sussanah. They know each other’s buttons so well.

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