and getting organised!

This weekend my Pete and I are preparing for our visit to France. We leave on Wednesday, but are both working on Monday and Tuesday.

So we are doing the washing, cleaning out the fridge and packing.

I have done my essentials. I took some of these

and used them to convert this bag so that it will hold my camera and lenses.

I don’t like to carry a bag and a camera bag. With the velcro and padded inserts I have created a camera bag that can also carry my purse and phone and bits and pieces. This one has better handles than a camera bag and it is a much better colour. Why are camera bags always ugly grey?

I also made this – another travel essential.

My travel diary. Each night I will cut up the pamphlets and maps of the places we visit and glue them into my diary. I bought two new pens because NONE of the pens that I own are suitable to write in a travel diary. Some paper, some sparkly flowers, some sparkly letters and I have all that I need.

I should probably get serious now and pack some clothes, otherwise I will get to Europe with the most fabulous travel accessories, but no clean underwear…


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24 responses to “Packing

  1. M

    The converted bag is a masterstroke. So clever. I do hope you will find an internet cafe and keep posting while you are away.

  2. You’ve inspired me! Hubby and I are visiting Copenhagen next month and I think I will make a travel diary…

  3. We have laundry facilities in Europe y’know.

  4. The converted bag is genius! I think when you get back from your great adventure that maybe we would love a tutotial!

  5. Have a wonderful time! Great idea about the camera bag … xx

  6. Have a great trip! I’m sure you’ll have lots of great adventures to jot down in that travel journal!

  7. Have a safe trip…I really don’t envy you that hideous journey, but what a prize at the end of it!

  8. If you get too busy with all your crafting projects, just make sure to throw a spare set of underware in that snazzy bag. France has incredible shopping too and it’ll be a great excuse for shopping! “Oh dear, I need shoes! I need scarves!”, etc. I say keep up with the crafting!!

  9. When you get back i think you could have yourself a marketing/design idea/business!! Fabulous camera bag!!
    Have a fantastic trip.

  10. Such great ideas!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip, and eat some chocolate for me.

  11. twolimeleaves

    Oh boy. now even I’M getting butterflies! This is exciting 🙂

  12. Wow. I want a camera bag just like THAT one. Very cool.

    And I always chop up brochures and write stuff as I travel too – it’s so much fun to look back on them afterwards. Have a fabulous trip.

  13. Brilliant ideas Tracey. You are so clever. At least your camera bag will not look like a camera bag – a fancy nancy hand bag instead.

    Have the most wonderful trip away. You both deserve it. I’m actually really excited for you. I, for one, cannot wait to read your returned posts with photos included. Oh is there anything better than exploring parts of the world?…

  14. How clever you are – on both counts. Neither are things I would have thought to do. I have not a creative bone in my body!

  15. I love that you needed exactly right pens for your special diary, and that you have done your title page before you packed your knickers. I would do the same.

  16. grandma

    We leave 1 week later and I have washed track-suits, jeans and socks ready to pack. How boring am I! Have you thought to pre-warn the fabric and chocolate shops in France to restock?

  17. I love your priorities. They would be mine as well. I don’t like to do boring things like packing.

    My father-in-law retired from the power company a few years ago. When he was a supervisor he frequently had to travel to places experiencing outages due to ice storms, hurricanes, etc. He is usually a meticulous packer, but did indeed forget to pack underwear one time. Luckily, a volunteer group offered to run by k-mart and get him some.

  18. Goodness, what a brilliant idea. The bag looks gorgeous and I’m sure all the French ladies will want one! Have a fabulous time!

  19. Clean underwear… pah! Rinse them out in the sink. Beautiful travel diary. You must be getting very excited.

  20. Wow! Snazzy bag!
    Bon Voyage!

  21. Have a fabulous time – I’m surte you will! And with such glamorous accessories you’ll give the stylish French women a run for their money.

  22. Do you REALLY think you’ll be cutting pamphlets each day?

    Have a great time, take heaps of pictures, see you when you get back 🙂

  23. Oh Tracey you are such a girl!!!!!! I love it!

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