Chocolat Pour Moi

I am so looking forward to spending time in more than one chocolatierie when we visit France. I love the thought of food as art, and the thought of chocolate.

I’d bring you some back, but if I’m realistic, I know it won’t last long enough to make it back into the country…


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12 responses to “Chocolat Pour Moi

  1. Not just the chocolate – ALL the food in incroyable!

  2. is incredible – that’s what I get for being a smartarse!

  3. M

    Chocolate is my true achilles heel. My dentist told me that dark chocolate (85% plus) is GOOD for your teeth. Pity I am a milk chocolate fiend.

  4. Ooh, right now there aren’t many days when I don’t have a square or two -it really does pep you up and (as you’ll see on my post) scientists have proven it!

  5. 8>)

    I hope you have a wonderful, marvelous trip! Chocolate won’t hurt, eh?

  6. There’s no such thing as purchasing too much European chocolate. Stock up. Trust me, it won’t go rancid.

  7. twolimeleaves

    You could always post it to me. Then it would get here without bite and sucking marks.

  8. Who needs fabulous country side, beautiful architecture, fashion to die for (this has been added as I could think of nothing else at this time of night) when you can get great chocolate!

  9. Now you’re just being mean. I agree with Kirsty… just post it!

  10. Yum. We have a new chain of chocolate shops here which is pretty good, but not on a par with French ones. And now I need to go and reread Chocolat, mmmmm.

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